Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yassky sold out DUMBO

I confirmed yesterday with several council members that David Yassky, the council member representing the DUMBO neighborhood, made a deal with Christine Quinn to vote no against the Two Trees-SCA project in exchange for not lobbying the other council members to do the same. If this sounds familiar, then it should, because that's exactly what Council Member Elizabeth Crowley did with the Maspeth High School. This allows Yassky to remind his constituents, whose support he will need in his bid for comptroller, that "I voted no!" while still getting a passing vote for the project. In addition, Council Speaker Christine Quinn threatened to withhold budget funds for their districts if they voted against what she wanted. These people are all a bunch of crooks and liars in it for themselves and yet for the most part they're the only choice we have for the immediate future. And you thought the situation in Albany was sad and embarrassing... look no further than your own backyard!


linda said...

hey maybe he should hook up with crowley!

can't stand anyone anymore a bunch of fxxking liars. oh please lord lets get rid of bloomass and quinn, can't stand reading about them anymore. quinn, who the hell does she think she is holding back funds, real big piece of CRAP......

Brooks of Sheffield said...

It all begins with Patient Zero, Bloomberg. He corrupted himself, then corrupted Quinn through the third term push, and Quinn in term corrupts other City Council members.

Anonymous said...

Yup, they play us like a fiddle.

The big question is for how much longer with these blogs doing the things the press should have.

Miss Heather said...

Yassky sold north Brooklyn down the river--- time and time again (can you say 184 Kent Avenue?)--- therefore I find this hardly surprising.

Nauseating? Absolutely.

Shocking? Hardly.

The good news is Councilman Yassky will probably be out of a job soon enough.

Anyone care to place bets which developer he'll work for when this comes to pass?

Anonymous said...

But will anyone better replace him?

Come one you guys get out there and get organized behind someone who will represent the community.

It's primary pitition time NOW and the choice will be all wrapped up on Sept 15, not in the general election.

Dan G. said...

Yassky is the biggest weasel on the Council. Selling out DUMBO is nothing compared to the way he sold out all New Yorkers by voting against term limits.

mike d said...

Hey David,

Your balls called, they like it in Christine Quinn's office, and they're not coming back. Your spine called from Mayor Bloomturd's office, and its not coming back either. So that just leaves you an ass.. how appropriate.

Anonymous said...

They deserve what they'll be getting for voting for a scumbag like Yassky in the first place.

All of you other tweeded folks out there better start wising up quick.

Unplug your "I-pods" and start paying attention to what's really important...gaining some political savvy.

Otherwise it'll be YOUR NABE THAT'S NEXT!