Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bloomberg failed the homeless

From NY1:

The Coalition for the Homeless says the mayor's promise five years ago to reduce homelessness by two-thirds has failed.

The organization says more than 36,000 New Yorkers slept in municipal shelters last month, which they say is a 197-percent increase over the mayor's pledge.

Coalition members also say last month, more than 9,500 families were in shelters, a nine-percent increase from 2004.


Bloombags's disgusted neighbor Lino said...

Lay much of the blame for this situation on the landlord lobby and their tools: the Republican Party.

These two have consistently weakened rent regulations and eased the way for harassment and this bifurcated city is the inevitable result.

A large, but under reported reason for the mess up in Albany is the desperate machinations of the landlord lobby to stop a repeal of Vacancy Decontrol that had passed the Assembly and has a real chance of being enacted this year after trying for over a decade.

Essentially, our entire State is being held hostage by group of leaches (landlords) who bleed our City, it's residents and businesses for their own worthless greed.

Do think of this when you are in that voting booth.

Anonymous said...

They need to eliminate rent control all together. When a million units are kept off the free market, this is what happens.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you haven't noticed that the U.S. entered a severe economic recession? Boy, the Crapper headlines are dumb today.

Queens Crapper said...

Hey, a promise is a promise. And let's remember that financial genius Bloomberg saw all this coming and prepared the City for it by curtailing wasteful spending (snicker)! So there's no excuse for why he didn't do what he promised to do.

Bloombags's disgusted neighbor Lino said...

"remember that financial genius Bloomberg saw all this coming and prepared the City for it by curtailing wasteful spending (snicker)!"

Be grateful we did not get that traveling bankruptcy show AKA: The Olympics.

That west side stadium was a dumb, poisonous idea as well.

Missing Foundation said...

The failure is the homeless advocacy groups whose silence was bought by the Bloomberg Foundation.

Not since Red China, the Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany have the arts been bought off by the state and social programs been hijacked by self serving types who damage the people they are designed to serve.


Taxpayer said...

The poor, the frail, the homeless - all the people who need help - have been used as vote fodder for years. By leftist, liberals.

If their problems were ever actually solved, what would the statists have left to hammer a guilt trip with?

Why is any official in this city busy setting rents for private individuals to pay to other private individuals? The scheme is just a cesspool for corruption. And, after all these years, what has it resolved? And, it differs not a whit from theft by eminent domain.

But, dangling the hope of free (or near free) housing is a perpetual vote-getter. Delivering on the promise is for fools. What must be promised next if the problem is solved?

Lino said...

"Taxpayer" -as usual says: "
The poor, the frail, the homeless - all the people who need help - have been used as vote fodder for years. By leftist, liberals."

No, that is called "compassion".

Those that truly use these groups are in fact the right wing. They manipulate fears and prejudices for the purpose of keeping us working/middle class at-odds with the poor so that the wealthy can continue to avoid taxes and maintain power.

He goes on: "But, dangling the hope of free (or near free) housing is a perpetual vote-getter. Delivering on the promise is for fools. What must be promised next if the problem is solved?"

Stabilized rents ain't "free" -that right there shows both your ignorance and slant.

As for " What must be promised next if the problem is solved?"

-Oh perhaps getting our medical system to cover that 50 million who have no insurance and rely on emergency rooms, often when they get too sick to continue.

How about dealing with malnutrition and hunger, surely you as a "great American" agree that we should not tolerate third world living standards within our borders.

Any more gems you'd like to supply?

Anony2 said...

I don't care how much $$$ Bloomturd spends, does he really think he'll have a third term? He has failed us all.

Hey Anonymous, my father worked for NYC city for 30 years, between his pension and his social security - the ends do not meet now. When his rent stabilized apartment has the lease renewed, his children will be paying the additional $70 a month. Would you prefer that he and the "million" like him lived in public housing or section 8? That way YOUR taxes could pay for them.

Anonymous said...

If you listened to the reasons the swine landlords oinked out on Tuesday night as reasons for hiking rents, it was that they're not making PROFITS. After the walloping increase they got last year, they need more. And they got it despite a deep recession and the fact that so many people are out of work and scrimping by.

If you really believe that deregulating (ah, sounds like Republic god Reagan!) rent controls is going to force market forces to act on rent, you are sadly mistaken. This city's housing market is already hopelessly scewed by the hoardes of foreign investors who swoop up the rattiest little nest, as long as it's on the island of Manhattan or faces this over priced zoo.

The only people who will benefit from the destruction of our rent laws are the landlords and the greedy speculators. Stop bitching about people who live in rent controlled and stabilized housing. It would be so much better for preservation of the middle class to demand an expansion of these laws, not a retrenchment.

Anonymous said...

After 2 years of, more than probable, illegal rent increases beyond the allowable guidelines percntages, it is clear that this a just another underhanded way to try and eliminate Rent Regulations.

The NYS Senate needs to get in there and pass the group of ten bills that will undo years of Republican injustices towards tenants!!

Watch how people on fixed incomes like seniors and people with disabilities will be become the new faces of homelessness!

Anonymous said...

Here is the link in full for above Blog/Comment...

Anonymous said...

Most rent-stabilized tenants are leeching the system. Just saying.

If someone has a 30 year city pension and social security and can't pay a rent-stabilized rent, that is his own fault for being reckless with his money. How much more taxpayer money do you want?

Anonymous said...

So Taxpayer can comment on this post but is still silent on the one regarding Middle Village Mansions, where the JPCA is criticized for the article in the Juniper Berry and its actions regarding the St. Saviour's site. Hypocrite.

- A Bigger Taxpayer

Anonymous said...

Worked hard all my life and never spent money foolisly. Rent Stabilized. Now retired and choseing between food and rent
$70.00 increase goodbye food and hello more mental and physical harrassment by landlord. Sadly too many people who don't care about their fellow human beings. Our wonderful me generation.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's bring back Giuliani! He was a real champion of the homeless!

Lino said...

"Worked hard all my life and never spent money foolishly. Rent Stabilized. Now retired and choosing between food and rent..."

...And for what..some bloated leech who bought the building with others money and expects his tenants to pay off the loan.

How people can defend such a situation...really sick.

Anonymous said...

Yes How to become a Millionaire 101

1. Make 40% profit and have tenants pay mortgage, maintenance (MCI), etc.

2. Force tenants to move out and not just rent stabilized - market rate also - then keep raising rent.

Lefrak leader of the pack.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you worked hard all your life, but I have no idea how much money you made or saved. But someone with a city government pension after 30 years, and Social Security, and who responsibly saved, should have plenty to live comfortably, especially in a subsidized below-market rent stabilized apartment.
Are you all communists that you think people who invest to buy property shouldn't be able to collect fair rents? Stop trying to get handouts from everyone.

Anonymous said...

This is all Bloom Bag's fault. The homeless situation is staggering. No housing prospects at all due to greed.

This is what you get for voting in a billionaire megalomaniac.

New York City is going the way of Detroit and Philly and all of the sad remnants of upstate cities. Sad.