Sunday, June 28, 2009

Inside the Bailey House

From NY Magazine:

The stone mansion at 10 St. Nicholas place in Upper Harlem, near 150th Street, was built in 1886 by circus legend James Bailey. Original, animal-themed stained glass windows decorate the fa├žade, and inside the crumbling interior (it was once a funeral home and has fallen into decay), there is a warren of bright rooms and narrow corridors. The back garden is spacious but overgrown, and some people call it a "modern Grey Gardens." The mansion is full of features from the original construction, but needs several million in repairs. But for a gorgeous historic stand-alone mansion that includes about 8,250 square feet of interior space, the price tag is a lot lower than you'd ever guess.

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Building on Your Head Party said...

Denies that the Bailey House is under consideration for lodging the "Albany Clowns." We vociferously protest the disparegment of our devoted public officials Senators Monserrate, Parker and Espada.