Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bloomberg's ego killing the city

From Room Eight:

Mayor Bloomberg, who has no consideration for other specie much less his own (unless the person is wealthy or a developer or the entity a corporation), just wants to bury his stealing of a third term so it looks like he's doing something.

Anything this man does is to benefit himself in some way. Schools are failing, buildings collapsing,World Trade Centers not built, whatever they are doing around swine flu isn't working, senior centers are closing and there are more and more homeless, and, under his watch, the economy, job market and Wall streets stumbled, he has to look proactive in "some way"- even if it's the entirely wrong way. Just as Bloomberg outzones us peasants he now kills geese for no reason. Bloomberg is a vile little man. His ego is killing this city.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Queens crap as always for your postings. I went to the site and posted this.

Watch me yell "Vote Bloomberg out of office, oust the king", at him, City Hall and the mayor gives me a thumbs up.

I have an entire playlist on the mayor and a separate playlist on corrupt wheelings and dealings city council...

Watch my first "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York"

He isn't going to break any laws, just change them.

Vote no third term.


Suzannah B. Troy

Anonymous said...

Wait until Emperor Bloomberg is properly crowned and anointed.

His first order of business will be raising our taxes once again in order to pay for the erection of a colossal bronze statue of himself straddling foot in the East River and the other in the Hudson!

I wouldn't want to live under the shadow of those brass balls!

Anonymous said...

So Crapper sees a bunch of lies and misstatements on another blog and posts them here so they look official. Sad.

Queens Crapper said...

Wow are you saying my blog is an official news source?


Alan said...

Frankly, Queens Crap is actually more of a source of factual information about this borough than the "official" ones that have sold out the communities that they allegedly serve. The very fact that you had to throw in your 2 cents reveals your paranoid fears that the truth is scarier than the fiction of the world that you live in. Perhaps you are one of those Bloomturd supporters (trolls) who is monitoring these blogs to see what is being said outside of the mainstream media? In any case, this blog reports about overdevelopment and tweeding and is doing an excellent job. Thank you Crapper for your fine reporting. I don't think we can show enough appreciation for the hard work in creating and maintaining this site.

The Man With No Name said...

Thank you Crapper for your fine reporting. I don't think we can show enough appreciation for the hard work in creating and maintaining this site.

You know it is sad in a way.

All those community groups that started with such good intentions in the 60s are now dominated by the pro-development lobby.

For example, giving an award to the non-deserving and ignoring those who tried to save St Saviours is exhibit one in this ignoble catagory.

All those foundations that monitor community service and give awards to citizens who do a great job for the public are under an agenda set by the tweeders

(if this blog monitored the 'abuse' let's say, of day laborers hanging around street corners by the surrounding community it would be featured in every major publication and the webmaster invited to talk around the country)

And finally, perhaps the saddest and most chilling, the people behind this blog can never become public for there is fear and loathing that the big money groups (and their pawns in the political machine) would set out to destroy them.

And their only crime?

To think, read, and talk - to express their opinions as Americans.

This is not Selma Alabama, but New York City.

I really don't what to add ....

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg and the developers and the politicans are doing exactly what they set out to.

This is their job - to make money.

The problem is us, not them.

We are doormats. The organizations set up for community preservation, or to act as watchdogs for our freedoms are made up of citizens - in other words - us.

This failure is our failure.

Do not blame others. It is your fault pure and simple.


Anonymous said...

the blog in Room 8 is not lies but truths, you don't even need to read but open your eyes and you will see how this city has tank. Bloomberg is a disgrace.

Taxpayer said...

This post accurately lists the Commissar's finest qualities.

What are his bad points?

Let's help the geese get even. Put this dwarf's career to sleep on September 15.

He is a killer. We deserve better. We can easily do far better.

Just look. We have Avella. Here's an honest, humble man who just wants a better NYC.

Use September 15 to choose a better NYC. Choose better for yourself and your family. Choose Avella. Actually, you'll be voting for yourself and your family.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I'm with Alan. I turn to Queens Crap for the real news on Queens. It may not be pretty, but it's closer to truth than what I get in the papers.

Anonymous said...

Already dropping the name TonyAvello around and some are receptive.
IF i'm still here,MrAvello gets the votes of me and mine
but hopefully and FINALLY,i'm outta nyc/nys for good in about a month or so.
Finding it increasingly difficult to deal with all the taxes,etc and 6 people here made the quality decision to move further north...NH--no sales tax,no personal income tax,no bs with gun laws,etc.
not an easy decision to make BUT for the future "generations",nyc's not an option anymore.
Other thought was TX,but we didn't think we could handle the months of warm weather.
bLoomboig/city council/andy cuomo as atty general/schumer/etc.etc. are abominations
truly doubt any proper change will happen here or in the future.letting quinn off the hook was another disgrace--50million dollars annually for them to operate is also a ton of BS.

I truly wish all hard working tax payers all the best and know that we're tired of it all.

Anonymous said...

Suzannah B. Troy

Queens Crapper said...

It's not her website, it's a YouTube video she made. She's good at them.

Anonymous said...

Suzannah B. Troy


Ann Onymous said...

If you can post here, Suzannah certainly can!!!

Ann Onymous said...

You are doing such a good job that you are starting to scare the establishment. They are siccing their trolls on you! I'll bet that they ARE geese killers. Keep up the good work!

Queens Crapper said...

Thank you all for keeping your comments on the subject matter of this post.