Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sick puppy breeder put out of business

From Fox 5:

A dog breeder from Queens who is accused of selling very sick puppies has finally been put out of business, thanks in part to a series of Fox 5 reports.

And while we're on the subject of pets, pit bulls are attacking other dogs in Astoria.


georgetheatheist said...

Re Pit Bulls.

What kind of an asshole even considers having one as a "pet"? They are ugly and mean-looking. Every time I see one of these creatures, I'd like to whack it on its head with a 2x4.

Anonymous said...

George, your mother is a whore for having a fucking asshole like you. If I ever find out who you are then I would fuck your ass so badly. Stop your fucking hate on innocent animals.. I bet you and your cunt mother are fugly

Anonymous said...

people shouldn't buy dogs because they are funding puppy mills, if you really love dogs then rescue one. mixed breeds are healthier and they love you for rescuing them. they know. Georgetheatheist is a waste of life

Anonymous said...

Maybe George is right...

Astoria Dog Owners On Edge Over Recent Pitbull Attacks

Anonymous said...

it is the people that use poor innocent pitbulls as weapons. and george is an asshole, that is quite obvious and I wish someone told me his name because I WILL FUCK HIM UP

georgetheatheist said...

Speaking of dogs, the curs continue their howling and baying.

But it doesn't matter, the georgetheatheist Grand Caravan moves on.


Anonymous said...

mygawd what kind of commentary's here ?
aaaand my comments are held for approval ?
anyway,vallone's FOS--how long is he seated on our illustrious city council and INNOCENTLY talking bs about agencies that ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN EXISTENCE...but are not there ?
yo,mr vaLLone---better not be a bunch of "paper soldiers" getting paid --right ?
Poor youg woman's puppy's KILLED and the soldiers of the one one four can't even think that there IS some penal code involved ? IAB should have been notified right after another call to 911 operator to report on the "status" of the call--

Anonymous said...

people shouldn't buy dogs because they are funding puppy mills, if you really love dogs then rescue one
nonsense. A reputable breeder does NOT damage his stock and if you take the time to do the math,$$$s involved for vet care,food, room and board,"housekeeping"basic immunizations,socialization etc---how much you think they profit from their 1-2 litters annually ? Not all pedigreed dogs are from filthy,inhumane puppy mills. If you're familiar with a breeds' standard,you can esily see whats what and where the animal came from.....same as pit bull types---breeds been around for generations and a properly bred one is a wonderful companion animal,not a viscious brute.

A sincere breeder's goal IS maintaining the highest standard of the breed they deal with,not ruining it.
Have had both pedigreed and guys literally taken off the streets and been fortunate with both as the pedigreed dogs were from extremely reputable breeders and had correct genetic bloodlines that bred out hip dysplasias,temperment problems,blood/thyroid disorders etc.
When you specificly want a dog for certain reasons,protection of your family ,man stopping ability,intelligence and a bomb proof temperment---you will get it via a dog bred only for that purpose.
Of course you can train any dog but it's much easier to train 1 that is itelligent and wants to work for the owner.
Have had all kinds of dogs,some so intelligent as to be with ESP and others borderline ding dongs,some very headstrong--ALL were loved and cared for and all are still missed as one cannot replace another.

There will continue to be unwanted dogs and cats as long as there are irresponsible morons out here and also the FEES charged for adoption are off the wall....go and check out the ASPCA and north shore....unreal.

Anonymous said...

Leave George alone you winnig little girls. I am against cruelty to animals but this guy has a right to his opinion. If you dont agree with him say so but dont threaten him with violence. You are talking about killing a human, what are you nuts?

Disgusted with Vallone$ said...

Hell, even raised the subject of out of control pitbulls (surprised the poster did not get thrown off for their troubles by saying everything is not wonderful in Vallone's personal Magic Kingdom).

Not at all surprised.

That community is filthy,

the people walking its streets increaslingly look scrungy,

brutish drivers making their own 3rd world rules as they cut you off,

ghetto shopping,

steep decline in services,

power grid shot to hell,

illegal conversions as public policy,

apathic electorate,

police who have written the area off,

and its population encouraged by the day to cut their ties and not regard it as a home community for their families, but regard it as Elmhurst West, one large investement project.

Bayside you are in for a shock.

Louise - teachingpuppies said...

It is shocking that backyard breeders and puppy mills are allowed to carry on and its great to see when justice is done. Its worth researching how to spot a good breeder first and i wish more people would check out sites that promote this!

georgetheatheist said...

My always inciteful comments drive the lowlife into a frenzy.

By the way Crapper, this is the first time on your esteemed blog, that a commentator has been singled out for murder.

cc: file

Anonymous said...

George, your comments are not inciteful and you are an idiot. Why don't you just shut the fuck up you idiot. Your comments add no value and you are so boring.

georgetheatheist said...


Anonymous said...

Hooray! At last that ugly dog breeder is put down! Three cheers to FOX 5!!!

Anonymous said...

mygawd what kind of commentary's here ?
aaaand my comments are held for approval ?