Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Appeals Court will hear Atlantic Yards case

From Atlantic Yards Report:

The Atlantic Yards end game just got a whole lot more complicated.

Despite claims May 15 by Forest City Ratner CEO Bruce Ratner that the unanimous dismissal of the state eminent domain case in May "is really the last hurdle," the state's highest court, the Court of Appeals, has accepted (PDF) an appeal in the case and won't hear oral arguments until the middle of October.

While eminent domain law still tilts significantly to the advantage of the condemnor, in this case the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), the court's willingness to hear it indicates that it believes the originating court, the Appellate Division, did not address some aspect of the legal argument.

Also, as Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn (DDDB) noted, last year half of all civil appeals were affirmed, and the other half were either reversed (about 40%) or modified (about 10%).


Anonymous said...

poor bloomberg must be so sad.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

I wrote on both blogs about how the real estate tsunami pushed by the Bloomberg administration feels a lot like these greedy developers "made-off" with our neighborhoods. Of course I talk about NYU, Cooper Union, even NY Law with a massive mega dorm with balconies on 3rd Street but of course it was city wide,
Atlantic Yards and Columbia University abusing eminent domain and more....


I wrote about white collar crime being above the law, not being policed effectively and costing the tax payers years ago in a quirky sexy fictional short story that did not get published I believe because of sexism.

Charlotte Bronte had to take a man's name and it seems true today or worse it is "who you know and who you ////".

I lived the "real estate speed of greed" version thanks to the Bloomberg administration.

If you show up to the Mike meeting please introduce yourselves because I don't know your faces!!!!

Dan Goldstien is David and I pray he beats Goliath and the same with Tony beating Mike. No to a mayor that favors greedy developers and landlords.

Thanks Queens Crap,
Suzannah B. Troy

Anonymous said...

Every mayor favors development, you pinhead. Remember Giuliani?

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said...
"Every mayor favors development, you pinhead. Remember Giuliani?"


EVERY REASONABLE citizen taxpayer favors REASONABLE development.

The Commissar believes that he and he alone owns and controls the disposition of each private property, and that the little people have to get out of the way of the monster wealthy over developers.

The Commissar is quick to seize any privately owned property from its rightful - and frequently long time - owners to transfer that stolen property to his cronies so they can share in the proceeds.

List the privately owned property he has seized from a private owner who is a developer.

No can do!

The Commissar, plain and simple, is a common, cheesy, criminal thief.

If the Appeals court has the integrity and backbone, it will squash the illegal plans for Atlantic Yards.

If we have the integrity and backbone, we will squash the dreams of this sociopathic thief on September 15. Long before the court hears the case.

Vote to squash.

rexlic said...

More legal bills for Bailout Bruce.

First, Vince Carter--can Devin Harris be next?

Anonymous said...