Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Former Ridgewood Times HQ now condos

From The Real Deal:

At the former Ridgewood Times newspaper building at 852 Cypress Avenue in Queens, the presses stopped long ago, though the paper still publishes under a different name at another location. (Thanks to desktop publishing programs and the Internet, these days many publications are sent to be printed off-site.)

The old newspaper building served as a public school since the 1960s, but developer N. S. Construction turned it into 19 condos that opened for occupancy in late April. As of early last month, five of the condos had sold.

The marketing campaign plays up the 25,000-square-foot structure's pedigree: The Web site's home page features a simulated 1920s typewriter that spits out hyperlinked copy on a virtual piece of yellowed paper, complete with staccato sound effects.


Anonymous said...

Slightly OT, but does anyone know about what is being filmed the last few days in that area?

The diner just across Myrtle was used a few days ago, and just yesterday, they were filming at the triangle park with the WW1 Memorial.


Anonymous said...

"A Couple of Cops". I believe this is a Bruce Willis movie.

-Joe said...

What cheap disgusting looking Eurocrap windows.
--No taste !

Scenes from the Wanderers were shot ob that corner as well as up and down Palmetto under the El.
I was a "Ducky Boy" in the movie, it didnt pay much. I did get to meet Karen Allen (Animal House-Starman) who I been crazy for at the time.
She hung out with me and all my friends blasting ACDC & drinking beer by Decator & Seneca CONRAIL one night