Monday, June 22, 2009

And now for a good laugh

From the Daily News:

“Almost everyone here has this little patch of land,” says Marshall, sitting in her conference room at Borough Hall off Queens Blvd. in Kew Gardens. “On that patch of land is their life’s investment, and they’ll do anything to preserve it. That’s why we have such friendly people, pretty front lawns and strong block associations.”

“We have so much culture with museums, libraries, universities, historic houses, food and parks,” says Marshall. “That’s why we grow.”

“We want people to stay in the house they bought, own and love,” says Marshall, a former teacher and proponent of adult education. “Queens is a city of hardworking middle-class people. I want them and their children to stay and thrive here for as long as they can.”


Anonymous said...

We're not sharecroppers you boob..."little patch of land"....indeed!


As the borough's chief house slave to the building industry...Beep Marshall is a proven supporter over development and block busting!

"Yassir mass'r builder" you can build in that quiet little neighborhood.

We'll get you a variance if it doesn't get up-zoned by city planning!

And the tap dancing goes on with a "shuffle off to Buffalo"...sho 'nuff gen'emen!

Anonymous said...

Why did she not step forward to stop the developers from destroying most of Queens middle class neighborhoods during the last 5 years?

Pols talk the talk but walk to the beat of their own drummer.

Anonymous said...

"That’s why we have such friendly people, pretty front lawns and strong block associations."

What is this woman talking about???? The people in Queens are nasty, most of the property is incredibly ugly, and the apathy is overwhelming. I guess she hasn't been to Flooshing lately. Even the once-beautiful Austin Street in Forest Hills is turning into a ghetto of crappy stores selling chintzy prom dresses. Brooklyn continues to improve while poor Queens is turning into a Third World shithole.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, when I go to some of these formerly pleasant shopping areas, I stand there and say, "What the hell happened?"

Domenick "Heinrich Hoffman" Totino said...

("Hhhhmmm. Let me earn my $85,000.00 per year")

Ok Helen. Say cheese.

H M said...

They're picking on me! I feel like Chuck Apelian's nose! Now what am I supposed to do?

Anonymous said...

Why is this woman still in that job..she's been there forever. I've never seen anyone be more of a do nothing than she is.

Anonymous said...

What does Marshall and Kozlowitz do all day at Boro Hall except get paid 6 figures to do nothing! GET RID OF THEM ALL NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Borough presidents are here to be the builders' expediters!

Surely they're not in their jobs to represent us!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Tom 'n Aunt Jemima!

Beep Marshal sure 'r a carpet baggin' jive turkey!

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons that Brooklyn is starting to get ahead of Queens is the old guard there was gone by 1960.

In Queens, the Claires and the Garys and Glorias and the Vickis are still very much around.

The boro will continue its drift as long as this is true.

Anonymous said...

Helen Marshall can't even find the money to fix up the naked statue outside Borough Hall. Why should she get a third term?

Anonymous said...

Could it be this pig has had a life-changing event in order for her to denounce everything she has stood for for years?