Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Avella fights for small businesses

Vote for Tony Avella for mayor and hear him speak up as he always has for the people of New York City. Listen as I interview him and see him stand in solidarity with small businesses owners.

Mike Bloomberg gives Suzannah B. Troy the thumbs up as she yells "Vote Bloomberg out of office! Oust the king!" "I voted for you twice, you betrayed my vote!" A gentleman from the Bronx here chimes in "You are a terrible man."

Videos by Suzannah B. Troy


Anonymous said...

That Bloomberg footage is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Suzannah B Troy - my hero.

Keep torturing him.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Big hugs and love and ditto to you both and Queens crap for inspiring me and keeping me updated!!!!!

So honored to be included on Queens Crap.

Check out my series on youtube by Suzannahartist
My very first was "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York" where I pointed out he isn't going to break the laws, just change them! Please give me 5 stars!

The youtube below is cuts to public advocate watchdog as pay back by Bloomberg and Quinn, Mike jr. for Gotbaum defying their "third term deal"

You can go to this site and vote to oust Christine Quinn, Mike jr.

Thanks again, very honored to be including and I think about moving to Queens! Tony Avella for mayor!

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said...

Suzannah, I gave you that "thumbs-up" for the very colorful costuming you wear. (Or lack thereof).

For a babe pushing 50, hubba-hubba.

Anonymous said...

Yo Mayor Dude!

Your re-election campaign will be a bust!!! Suzannah rocks! She swayed me. However, I feel sorry for you so here's a finger just for you (hint: it ain't my thumb)!!!!

Avella is the man!!!

Anonymous said...

On any update on bloomberg Aid Mr Sheekey helping a criminal Rabbi's in Rikers get transferred to more accommodating jails in Manhattan? Mr Sheekey is the aide who "persuaded" the city council to change city law to let him run for third term.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

My youtube thanks Queens Crap for highlighting my youtubes for Tony Avella and small business and me yelling at the mayor!

Anonymous said...

hey i hear that Bloomturd has such a bad temper that he throws telephones. The workers at City Hall mark the floor with tape to show how far the phones are thrown. Now why is this not in the press - like p.6 or something...

Anonymous said...

Bloomtard owns the press!

Anonymous said...

I know Avella means well, but please don't ask for investigations for small business. We are already being bombarded by City agencies like the health dept, weights and measures, state workmans comp, city traffic agents ticketing our customers even when they are in their vehicles, 10 min reduction time in meters for customers, high rate commercial charges by Con Edison, increases by Keyspan, increases by the water dept, etc... This is what's driving small businesses out. So please don't send anymore agencies into our retail and wholesale shops. This is the real racketeering.

Anonymous said...

"So please don't send anymore agencies into our retail and wholesale shops. This is the real racketeering."

Are you suggesting that Councilman Avella is advocating for these incursions? If so, please provide proof and/or examples. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...torture him into throwing another one of his spoiled brat-bastard tantrums!

"Oh Suzannah...you're the one for me"!


Keep on kicking that shrimp!