Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yet another Ridgewood Reservoir meeting...

From the Forum West:

The future of Ridgewood Reservoir and Highland Park will be discussed on Tuesday, when the city Parks Department releases the results of input residents provided at three prior listening sessions.

Over the past year, the Parks Department has held three listening sessions to gain public feedback on the future of the 50-acre property. During those meetings, many Queens residents pushed to have the reservoir preserved and argued that a portion of the funding should instead be used to fix up the existing ballfields in Highland Park, which are in poor condition. In April, Community Board 5 approved a resolution requesting that between $10 million and $15 million of the funding be used to accomplish that.

In a statement, Parks announced it is holding Tuesday’s session “to discuss community ideas and concerns for the Ridgewood Reservoir redevelopment. The meeting will summarize what we have learned at previous meetings from community input and discussion, and to relay the results of the paper surveys that have been distributed over the past weeks.”

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Park’s Oak Ridge office at Forest Park. Attendees can enter at Park Lane South and Forest Parkway or at Woodhaven Boulevard and Forest Park Drive. For details call 311 and ask for the Forest Park Administrator’s Office.

Map courtesy of Project Woodhaven

1 comment:

Taxpayer said...

The trick is to hold endless mind-numbing "listening sessions" until some stooge stands to demand that the reservoir be destroyed and converted to a concrete, asphalt and artificial turf monstrosity after spending upwards of $500 million.

Naturally, the paid stooge will be hailed as a citizen with gifted insight. Likely, he will be an illegal alien hoping to be hired onto the project.

This is the supreme example of projects for kickbacks.

Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! The Commissar commands as he sets out to annihilate a beautiful piece of Queens and Brooklyn (double whammy!)

This is step 1 for the eventual transfer of all that "useless" land to his developer friend$.

And, it won't even be called eminent domain! The land is already owned by the taxpaying citizens of NYC.

We can defeat the plan. We just have to do a little annihilation of the Commissar's hopes for another - illegal - term in office.

Use September 15 to shout: Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! any more time in office.

Out with the Commissar and all the City Council Lickspittles who illegally voted to overturn two referenda.

September 15! Vote them out!