Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Old House calls Richmond Hill one of the best

From This Old House:

The largest, most detailed homes are in North Richmond Hill, bordering the park, where many homes designed by famed New York City architect Henry Haugaard are located. His Queen Annes and Classical Revivals are known for their unique built-ins, enormous front porches, inlaid floors, and multicolored shingles.


Anonymous said...

So how come the LPC doesn't think that this area deserves historic district status?

We know very well's because Tierney & Co. are Bloomberg's stooges and designating Richmond Hill doesn't fit into hizzoner's plan (plot) 2030!

Besides landmarking is reserved strictly for the "swells".
Mike's own nabe will even get an extension of their existing district.


Then we'll all be in the same democratic waters sink or swim!

No favorites will get tossed a life preserver or neighborhood preserver!

Anonymous2 said...

That is a nice house! Character. Would love to get a look inside. And the neighborhood must be great. It deserves landmark status, as Anonymous above says. I used to live in CB 8, bloomturd's own nabe, and yes some of the stuff they landmarked was crap.But power rules, except on one day of the November.

Anonymous said...

Except dear friends, the landmarks law is financed by public money and should be accountable to the public - and should be blind as to who it serves.

It is not. Ever go to a preseravtion meeting?

It looks like NY circa 1975 (that is if they make an effort to be diverse - if not NY circa 1875.)

The only way you will get their attention is to overturn the law and start with a level playing field.

-Joe said...

Looks like the builder used real siding shingles and to the time to stain them as well.
I would have used Pella 6 over single Cape or Railroad style wooden windows

This house reminds me of some fantastic houses in Roslyn Villiage and Sea Cliff.
I was out there driving remote control boats on the lake on this great sunny day.

panzer65 said...

Wait till "This Old House" finds that the LPC and the city government is run by "Tim the Tool Man".