Monday, June 29, 2009

Surprise: Bloomberg lied about Ratner deal

From Noticing New York:

Just weeks ago Bloomberg told the press it was time to turn off the spigot and that no additional public funds should be poured into Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards. What did Bloomberg really mean? He meant that he was about to ram through a deal to give his friend Bruce Ratner more than another $180 million out of the public till.

That was May 20th. On May 29th it was revealed that a deal was in the works to give millions more, what turns out to be more than $180 million more, to Ratner. That day at hearings on the Atlantic Yards held by State Senator Bill Perkins it was disclosed that there was a deal proposed for substantial additional giveaways to Ratner. Seth Pinsky, president of the New York City Economic Development Corporation (who works for Bloomberg) participated in presenting the parameters of the package of handouts to Ratner and it was announced then that the MTA’s board would be addressing the handouts at its June 24, 2009 meeting. Indeed, that meeting where the MTA, in fact, did approve the handouts occurred this past Wednesday, just as then disclosed.

Photo from NY Magazine


Anonymous said...

Why is this lie different than any other lie?

Anonymous said...

2 peas in a pod born of the same heritage and motherland.

Mother Goose said...

Gas this!

Anonymous said...

But let's tell the parents that more parent input is needed. Let's send them home with supply lists (kids)that are as long as their arms! But WE JUST HAVE TO KEEP GIVING OUR MILLION $$$$ buddies ALL WE CAN TO SCREW NEW YORKERS! Keep voting for him all of you idiots!!!