Monday, June 29, 2009

$1B repair for Triboro Bridge

From the NY Times:

Even people who have driven over it countless times would be hard pressed to draw a diagram of the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge — formerly and perhaps still better known as the Triborough. The bridge is actually three in one: an eight-lane, 1,380-foot suspension span over the East River; a six-lane, 310-foot lift span over the Harlem River; and a six-lane, 350-foot truss span over the Bronx Kill, according to a Metropolitan Transportation Authority fact sheet. There are also 14 miles of approach roads and a giant traffic junction that provides access to Randalls Island and tries to sort out the various strands of interborough travel.

The bridge opened on July 11, 1936, and 3.3 billion vehicles have crossed it — roughly 400 times the current population of New York. Building it cost $60.3 million — the equivalent of $927 million in 2008.

The bridge is undergoing a $1 billion rehabilitation of its superstructure and roadway. At the same time, six million square feet of steel on the bridge are being repainted, a task that will take 10 to 15 years.


Anonymous said...

Take the moeny being given to Bruce Ratner to be applied to this bridge!!!

ew-3 said...

might as well assume $4billion when done.

I recall when the big dig was quoted at 2-4billion and final price was north of $20billion.

Anonymous said...

Can't the wealthy Kennedys pay for it? When a company gives its name to a stadium, it pays for maintenance.

Tony Montana said...

All busy in LA singing in Spanish to a Latino groups.
Give it time.
It wont be long before somebody see's Ted Kennedy's head and shouts "Look, a big the pinata !!

I wonder how much the alleged booze and coke party cost at The Hall of Science fundraiser for Carolyn.
Thats the night "The Rat" got all tweaked up and mistook his chika for de yeyo mirror.

Anonymous said...

Just think, maybe we should have skipped the renaming and gone straing to the repairing.