Saturday, June 27, 2009

R train is filthy (but we already knew that)

From the NY Post:

That's rancid with a capital R.

The R subway line is the dirtiest in the entire system, with only 25 percent of its cars in clean condition at any given time, according to the Straphanger's Campaign newest Subway Shmutz study released today.

The line -- which hits four of the top ten busiest stations in the system -- managed to fall from already-abysmal 2007 rating of 45 percent, the study found.

The 7 is the spiffiest subway line, with researchers finding 84 percent of its cars in Spic-and-Span condition.

Cleanliness in the entire subway system was at 57 percent in 2008, an improvement of seven percent from 2007.

Photo from BVE Station

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Anonymous said...

When ever there is layoffs in the MTA,it is always the lowest paid workers that are axed.They never demote or fire supervision or manangement.