Monday, June 29, 2009

You can now get your meat from the Queens County Farm Museum

From the NY Times:

The event was a fancy corporate dinner in a public garden on the Lower East Side, a celebration of locally grown food. The second course listed on the menu was “grilled Queens farm pork loin,” which sounded as if the dish had been created by someone from Queens.

Then a man pulled up a chair and was introduced as Michael Grady Robertson from the Queens farm, provider of the pork.

Meaning what?

“We raise pigs,” Mr. Robertson said.

In Queens?

He smiled. “We’ve got a 47-acre farm,” Mr. Robertson said. “It used to be part of the Creedmoor psychiatric hospital.”

You’re raising livestock in New York City?

“Come visit,” he said.

A few mornings later, Mr. Robertson turned his pickup truck off Little Neck Parkway and drove down the lane of the Queens County Farm Museum. In the truck bed were two 55-gallon barrels of mashed grain that he had just picked up from the Brooklyn Brewery in Greenpoint.

For brewing purposes, the grain was spent. But for the pigs and a single ancient cow on the Queens farm, the hops and wheat and malt make a lip-smacking addition to their troughs.


Anonymous said...

I read an article last year that they're making wine at the Queens County Farm Museum, too.

Queens Crapper said...

Yes, I think they may sell it there this fall.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to come to the Dinosaur Show in September!