Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A hole of a problem at Flushing Meadows


Great blog, I always check it once in a while. Thanks for publishing one of my pictures of an overbuilt building in my neighborhood of Corona last year.

There are bad potholes in Flushing Meadow Park in Queens that have been there for years and no one will fix them.

I have been calling 311, speaking to people in the Dept. of Transportation and Parks Dept. but no one will do anything about them. These are horrible holes, and can do major damage to cars. Hundreds if not thousands of cars use this road every day.

The holes are on Meadow Lake Road West, right before the entrance to the Grand Central Parkway.

I took some pictures of these holes and posted them here, along with a couple of maps of the area.

I am hoping that by bringing attention to these holes, maybe someone will do something about them. I thought about filling them up myself but I don't have a truck or the resources. Please consider posting some of these pictures to your site. Thanks again.


Vin - if you try to fill the potholes in yourself, the City will have you arrested. (Just ask the people down at Willets Point.) Don't know if this is a Parks Dept problem or a DOT problem but pretty sure neither agency has the foggiest clue either. So the best you can do for now is live with the third-world conditions and pretend it adds some of that "gritty NYC character" that location scouts are always looking for and hipster photographers salivate over.


Anonymous said...

How about the lighting? I'd say about 40%is either not functioning or missing.Queens flagship park,ha!

Sergey Kadinsky said...

This road is sometimes used as an alternative to entering the Grand Central Parkway from Jewel Avenue.

The area is often flooded, and the road's shoulder is swampy. Maybe it's best to completely close this road for good.

Anonymous said...

It really does feel like a back road in some 3rd world country when driving on that road. The potholes are really big and it's inexcusable that they are so atrocious.