Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NYC offs 100 geese, killing continues today


Nearly 100 Canada geese were killed yesterday, the first day of an effort to exterminate waterfowl that smash into planes.

Agents from the US Department of Agriculture hit four city parks and will continue rounding up the geese this week, said Allen Gosser the department's assistant state director.

The geese, which are flightless during the June and July molting season, are "herded into a corralled area and are picked up in wooden crates," he said. They are gassed with carbon dioxide.

The $100,000 campaign will eliminate about 2,000 geese that could be a hazard to aircraft.


Jennifer Galatioto said...

This is so horrible! What a waste of life!

Anonymous said...

This is so upsetting!

Anonymous said...

How cruel! These birds are so vulnerable and they are not the migrating birds that flew into Flight 1549's engines! So many humane ways to deal with this have been suggested and yet ignored by a mayor gone wild. Is there no end to this man's cruelty?

After rereading the article, I am curious to know whose palms are getting greased for this. The costing suggests that they are charging $50 for each euthanized bird. Isn't that a little much? Perhaps this campaign has an economic element to it, besides the inhumanity??!?!?

Anonymous said...

Is there no end to this man's cruelty.
Only if you shut up and obey Das F├╝rer.

This is just a warning.
All the Archie Bunkers and NIMBYS get it next.

Own a 2 Family with a bathroom in the basement ?
Clean out that basement room for when they come knocking with an Illegal Alien party of 5.
They now have the libs in Albany and Washington to do it

Anonymous said...

The "gas" is Carbon Monoxide (exaust fumes)
----NOT Carbon Dioxide.


Queens Crapper said...

Yeah I thought that sounded a little strange.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

There are too many people in New York City....would you do the same to them?

Dept. of Agriculture...what f##king
idiots. There had to be a better way.

Where is the Humane Society?

Anonymous said...

No, in NYC we encourage more people to come when we can't handle the ones here now!

Let's euthanize Bloomberg's chances at a third term!

Wade Nichols said...

100 dead geese, or would you prefer 100 dead humans in an airline crash?

To those of you who are so "horrified!!!" by killing geese, are you also "pro choice"?

Do you perhaps see the inconsistency in your "logic"?

Unless you are a follower of the Jain religion, you're blowing smoke outta your ass!

I am:
1.) A proud carnivore
2.) Pro-choice
3.) Pro death penalty

No inconsistencies there!

I hope the city at least provides the geese to people who could use a nice meal!

Anonymous said...

There's no reason any humans need to die. Aviation officials could have just chosen the option to install radar equipment in airplanes to help prevent bird strikes. Instead, they inhumanely chose to kill the geese because it's cheaper.

Queens Crapper said...

There has never been an airline fatality in NYC caused by geese. Geese and planes have co-existed for about 100 years. The accident in the Hudson was a complete fluke. There are more humane methods of goose control. Where does it stop? Brant, Ducks, Egrets and Herons can all be sucked into plane engines as well and cause damage.

Sid? said...

This act of "population control" is simply an outrageous knee-jerk reaction to a problem that requires foresight and wisdom--traits obviously missing from our current crop of leaders.

Citychic said...

This just sums up the mentality of a civilized society. This is the most horrifying thing I have read in a long time. Where are the animal rights groups in this?

Anonymous said...

This plan appears to be economically driven. $50/goose???? This administration has absolutely no regard for the opinions of people who would like to see an alternative solution to killing.


Anonymous said...

Like the banks the goverment is letting the Aviation industry do any dam thing it pleases to save itself.

This includeds not installing modern updated equipment in airplanes and making travelers sick by re-cycling disgusting air to save fuel. You now need a breathing tank to fly
It wont be long before there is a bad incident in the area and it wont be due to birds.

Has anbody gotten an earful of the added flight paths and holding circles over the North Shore ?

Anonymous said...

If you have Canadian geese in your neighborhood, you might feel differently about them. One cannot even walk around the grounds of Long Island Jewish Hospital in New Hyde Park because of the geese droppings, which are everywhere. I have no problem with their ranks being thinned, which probably also improves the chances of the rest of them to survive by reducing their competition for food.

linda said...

my god this is so distrubing. one plane goes down in nyc and they'll be killing off thousands of birds. bloomass doesn't care about the birds, it will be just in time for him taking over college point. still can't believe he past a comment about them going off to sleep dreaming happy thoughts (and he's jewish).. i hope this troll has nightmares and haunts him for the rest of his dying days.... shame on all who were involved...

Anonymous said...

these are migratory birds. killing them here won't do much. they're not going to call their friends and tell them to avoid jfk.

A Better NYC said...

I have no problem with killing geese...for any reason at all.

I bet Dr. Tiller would agree with me.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is ludicrous because other geese will fly in to take their places. Unless they plant trees and encourage predation, this half-step will be ineffective.

Hiram said...

Hey Mr. Gasser er Gosser. I just cornered a dozen of dem boids. Where's my $600???

Melanie Neer said...

I can't begin to tell you how outraged I am, as well as many other people are here in the NYC area for the plans to "remove" over 2,000 Canada Geese near the airports here in the NYC area since they seemingly can create a problem as was witnessed with the Flight 1549 crash into the Hudson River and yet was managed successfully by Capt. Sully. The crash resulted due to bird strike, when a flock of Canada Geese flew into the plane's jet engines.

Here is what I find the real sick irony of it all. Since I live in the NYC area I'm familiar with the land around both airports. Within close range from Kennedy Airport is the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Sanctuary that was established some 25 years ago and is the largest refuge area in the northeastern area of the US and was a designated land and water area for migrating and indigenous birds to habitat....this can mean anything from swans, geese, ducks, egrets, herons, owls and so forth, in fact it's estimated some over 300 different species of birds make their home here either permanently or during the migration season. Also, there is the Flushing Meadow Park marina area, where it too was designated as a "sanctuary" for birds. Here there are ducks of all kinds, swans, Canada Goose, Snow Goose, seagulls, just to name a few species. It too is very close by to NYC's other major LaGuardia airport. Both these wildlife bird sanctuaries are just that...sanctuaries...a place for birds to settle to habitat and feel safe. Hunting any of these birds is against the law as in particular the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge as it is under the U.S. National Park Service. Now the geniuses of our city government, the Port Authority and our Mayor are making the call to kill over 2,000 Canada Geese. Excuse me, am I missing something here?

Now I'm pretty sure during the entire duration of aviation history, especially with jet engined planes, bird strike has been an issue during all these decades. The basic design of the jet engine hasn't changed all that much in some fifty years, so couldn't there have been a better design for the engine to prevent occurrences of bird strike? Would it have been that hard to do?

Also, who were the geniuses who designated Wildlife Sanctuaries so close to airports to begin with? Like didn't someone have the foresight that this could be a problem? So now it's like the city government is saying, "Oh gee, we know those are bird sanctuaries where birds of many species can have a safe place to settle between migrations, but gee, sorry we now are going to have to kill the birds." In my mind, as I said maybe some genius should come up with a better jet engine design that would prevent bird strike after all, with flying in planes, WE ARE IN THE BIRDS TURF---they are doing what comes naturally to they...flying, it's we who are the intruders. Also, I understand the geese are to be gassed. Gassed? People are in uproars about cats or dogs in shelters that are euthanized by gas chambers, so why is this being allowed for the birds?

To my mind there just must be a better way of dealing with this issue. I've written my protest to every single newspaper, and even birding organizations, now I am writing to you for some feedback on this issue

Anonymous said...

I agree that this was a stupid and unnecessary idea.
But for everyone calling this 'horrifying', you need to put this in perspective. Such strong reactions are common when a child is killed or hurt, when a whole population gets screwed over due to someone's special interests.
But killing birds is not horrifying, and I hope everyone who thinks so is a vegetarian. If its senseless to do this then its senseless to put chicken on your dinner table (killing for personal gain is killing, after all).

Queens Crapper said...

Killing to provide food is a lot different than killing just for killing, especially when it's not necessary. There are hundreds of thousands of geese in this area, removing a couple of thousand from the population is not going to reduce the problem one bit, although I am sure the press will report it as if it did.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Crappy, its the folks using such strong words. Take a look at 'Baby dies at day care center". Only 5 comments, and no use of the word 'horrible'.

Queens Crapper said...

I think all of it is horrible. Especially when a much weaker child or animal is harmed by an adult human.

Anonymous said...

Gas Bloomberg!

Michael R. Bloomberg said...

Step into the chamber for delousing.

Anonymous said...

There are too many people in New York City....would you do the same to them?

Anonymous said...

I sent this letter to Mayor Bloomberg 6/27/09 Dear Mayor Bloomberg,You laud yourself on education issues,when the number one lesson we can teach our children is the conservation of our wildlife, not their destruction,as you have done to the geese population here in NYC.You broke our hearts here in Bayside,Queens and betrayed our trust.Our beloved Oakland Lake now lies silent,since our magnificent geese which our families enjoyed and loved,were swept up and gassed in a cruel and horrific manner with OUR tax dollars,when other humane options were available.All your money will not buy a single vote in this area.What you have done to Oakland Lake and to our community is unforgivable and will not be forgotten come November 2009.Concerned citizen.

James F said...

Mayor Bloomberg has raised our real estate taxes,,our water bills and our transportation costs,but I never thought I would see the day he would turn executioner of our resident geese population in NYC.You can't protect one species by bringing death to another. NYC residents won't remain silent.It is now very clear you are not fit to lead us,when the only course of action you could find is ordering the cruel and inhumane deaths of these innocent animals by gassing the poor creatures to death.Killing our wildlife and regarding them as vermin is unconscionable.The citizens of NYC will vote you out of office in November. Enough is enough.James F

Anonymous said...

The mayor said he is aware of the public outrage of the inhumane and horrific gassing of the resident geese in our area and claims he took appropriate action.Appropriate action??? It is Never appropriate action to order another species be gassed to death.The only appropriate actions we can take is to vote him out of the office he is no longer fit to serve in November.Concerned NYC citizen

Anonymous said...

The killing of these geese is horrifying, on many levels:
1. It is unnecessary; the resident geese who rarely fly more than 100 feet are not the ones colliding with planes.
2. As for the migrating birds hitting planes, what are you going to do, kill every bird in the world? We are in THEIR air space, and clearly the solution lies in technology - bird radar - and the mapping of migration routes. The Israelis have done this with what is probably the busiest bird migration corridor in the world - Asia/Middle East/Africa - and they cut their bird strikes by 88%, without killing birds. They were smart enough to realize that humans are not going to change birds' migrations which have evolved over thousands of years, so they work their flight plans around the birds. The plan is so successful other countries are using it. Except us, of course.
3. NY has wanted to off their goose population for years - just do a little Googling and you will see this plan going back for long time. The NY government never listens to the groups like Geesepeace that have non-lethal goose control solutions - they meet with them, but never implement any of their suggestions. The Miracle on the Hudson just gave that little creep Bloomberg the bogus justification he wanted.
4. Really, REALLY stupid to build airports right next to wildlife refuges.
5. To the people who say "well, it's not so bad to kill the geese if they at least feed them to the homeless" -- first, the shelters will refuse the carcasses because they were poisoned by gas. Second, what makes you think Bloomberg and his cronies care about the homeless? If they could gas them and be rid of them, they'd do that, too. And thirdly, there is no more twisted ethics than trying to contrive something “good” out of something evil.
6. Canada geese were nearly extinct from over-hunting, and were brought back by the creation of attractive habitats. The resident geese have everything they want in those habitats so they lost the migrating instinct. This is yet again, another example of many, where human interference and/or manipulation has created a problem we don't know how to solve. We are unable to control our own population, so how do we think we can control animals?
7. Gassing the geese is inhumane -diving birds, such as ducks or geese, should never be killed using carbon dioxide because they possess physiological mechanisms that enable them to withstand hypercapnia and can therefore take a comparatively long time to die. This is a horrible death for them - it is inhumane and is further proof that the USDA goons don't know what they are doing. I don't know how these people sleep at night.
8. You just don't kill something because it poops. When some genius figures out a way to run cars on goose droppings, geese will suddenly become solid gold. Nothing is ruining the environment worse than man. When the end of civilization comes, it will not be because of a goose or pigeon - no bird caused global warming, war, STDs, overfishing the oceans, etc. The fact is, there are too damn many people, and when we come into conflict with the natural world, all we know how to do is kill whatever gets in our way or inconveniences us. The way we so carelessly kill animals sends a chilling message about the value of life to our children. There's a huge disconnect with the natural world that has dangerous implications. If you don't learn to care about something, you will never protect and preserve it.

It would be poetic justice for Bloomberg, the little dictator, to lose that 3rd term that he desperately wants because the goose killing fiasco backfired on him. Also you should talk to your councilperson about getting a referendum on the ballot that matters like this should be voted on by ALL the people.