Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wexford Terrace house going, going...gone.

"I've enclosed several photos of 182-39 Wexford Terrace in Jamaica Estates. You featured it once before. It appears that the end is very near for this architecturally fine one-family building.

The threat of demolition had been hanging over its roof for several years. In 2007, the owner claimed he would not demo the building due to a zoning change.

I guess he figures now's the time to go ahead with it.

One of the photos is from February of this year. Another was taken in September 2008, when it looked like there was a chance it might be saved. The others were taken this week."

-Rick D.


Anonymous said...

Whenever I pased by this house, I joked that the Addams Family lived here!

Anonymous said...

Watch "Life after people" on the History channel. Nothing lasts forever.

Anonymous said...

My grandfathers sister's family lived in this house. I have a picture taken of this house abt 1934. My Aunt, who visited them with her Aunt from Canada, is still living. She will be sad to see what has become of it.

pam@roofinganddesigns.com said...

The new home has design and a Spanish roof which preserves the architecture . Roof install done last month by us , I had no idea the historic history existed.


Anonymous said...

This last comment, both foolish and sad, illustrates how far we are from understanding historic preservation as a viable part of urban development.

The replacement building cannot be described in any way as “preserves the architecture” of the destroyed house. It is like pasting together pieces of a bad photograph of someone you never knew, and claiming it is a beloved old friend.

The whole idea is laughable.
Gregory Hubbard