Sunday, May 24, 2009

City cemetery for sale

From the NY Times:

...New York City...has been trying to sell Canarsie Cemetery in Brooklyn for more than 25 years.

This year, it is trying again. The city’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services issued a request for bids earlier this week, and officials say they hope it will be more fruitful than the last round, which took place in the mid-1990s during the Giuliani administration.

The Canarsie Cemetery, at the corner of Remsen Avenue and Avenue K, was originally owned by the town of Flatlands, which then became part of Brooklyn. When the five boroughs merged in 1898, the ownership passed to New York City, which has handed it off to a veritable alphabet soup of agencies, some of which are defunct.

Hopefully someone will buy it, considering how the City treats the dead...


Anonymous said...

They will dig up the dead and build condos

Anonymous said...

Now I will finally have a use for my skeleton key!

PizzaBagel said...

No, they will say they have dug up the dead and build condos on them. Then when it's discovered that they have lied it will be too late to do anything about it. Tear down the building? Perish the thought! Any fine imposed upon the developer -- a mere pittance anyway -- is just the cost of doing business in this city.

I've said it before: It's easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. And the asking for forgiveness is hollow anyway.

Anonymous said...

No, now when they build condos, they bury you. On my block homes have been anihillated by incompetent or corrupt construction.

The city forces the owners of the destroyed homes to grab their go-bags and run. They lose everything. I have seen it with my own eyes--the green house at the intersection of 18th street and Newton Avenue in Astoria, gone.

My own ceiling, dropped on my living room floor while I was out. Thankful to be alive. Hundred pound pieces of masonery and plaster destroying everything like the fire-bombing of Dresden. Forced to live like a refugee until it was reconstructed.

These two examples on the same block have never hit the news.

Two more houses on 18th street adjacent to a construction site. Roofs destroyed, windows bricked over, foundations possibly compromised, tenants forced to flee.

Another site on 18th street. Adjacent property annexed and seized, just taken. Court battles ensure. Resolved? Who knows. All I see is a giant open pit.

All on 18th Street between Astoria Park Road and Newton Avenue. 5 minute walks, nothing in the press.

Add the publicized cases to the un-publicized and we have a hell of a mess.

Support Bloomberg and his 5-year Development Plan. Heil Hitler!

-Joe said...

Pre 9-11 we would boat over to that island all the time from Port Washington.
During changing tides, it has Whirlpools and currents like Hells gate.
Forget trying it now, its loaded with modern securiety and detection equipment.

Its quite an amazing place 1/2 the Island is a 200+ year old ghost like city,a gothic church, cold war missle silo's and acid tanks.

The woman in the video comes off a little nutty.
There are wooden marker sticks with numbers on all the fields, she has some other agenda.

Anonymous said...

Baggie pants and his goons will be at the tail of the parade in Little Neck.
Listen for the boos then look for the midget with a butt like Mama Cass

THE MANN said...

They was willing to work a deal with me or give the cemetery to me I would move there and take care of it. I have had spent some time working cemeteries. I have taken care of the graves and cleaned them. Also I am into the paranormal side of it to. But I have always wanted a cemetery to take care of. They can fell free to call if they want to work a deal.
Troy Houghtaling Sr.
Washington State