Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bloomberg will obliterate Admirals Row

From the Brooklyn Paper:

The city and National Guard reached an agreement to save two decrepit, yet historic, buildings in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and destroy eight others, ending an impasse and allowing the Navy Yard to proceed with its controversial plan to build a supermarket.

The deal, announced by a spokesman for the city-run Navy Yard, does not guarantee the preservation of the low-slung Timber Shed and one of the former officers’ homes, known as Building B, which faces Flushing Avenue. But it allows for the transfer of the federally owned “Admirals Row” area to the city, which owns the rest of the Navy Yard.

As part of the deal, the city would then solicit bids from developers to build a supermarket and an industrial building as well as to “test the market” to rehabilitate and maintain the two crumbling 19th-century structures.

It’s unclear how the historic buildings would be reused. The other eight buildings along the row could be demolished by the city, under this agreement.


T. Huang said...

There goes the neighborhood.

Tehee! Tehee!

Anonymous said...

We will have no history left of NYC past if Mayor Bloomberg stays in office. We need a mayor that will preserve our historic landmarks. PUT A SUPERMARKET SOMEWHERE ELSE!