Sunday, May 31, 2009

Demolished LI mansion to be recycled

From the NY Post:

Concrete rubble from the famed designer's Southampton manse Dragon's Head, which is being torn down, will be recycled and used to pave the village's roads, officials said yesterday.

A demolition crew began reducing the mansion to a mammoth pile of rocks this week to make way for the designer's sleek replacement.

Southampton Village Building Department officials estimated the cost of the demolition at $150,000 and said much of the gargantuan estate will be turned into crushed concrete for an upcoming roadwork project and shredded wood for mulch.


Anonymous said...

That's so green of him. Thanks for the paving material, Calvin.

Anonymous said...

Who cares

Anonymous said...

Use it for the casino.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you care or you wouldn't have wasted your time posting a comment about it.