Saturday, May 23, 2009

Queens evictions up 27%

From The Real Deal:

The number of residential evictions in Queens rose by more than a quarter last year while the volume was flat or decreased in other boroughs, according to the most current city data obtained by The Real Deal.

In Queens, 4,401 households were evicted in 2008, a 27 percent increase from a year earlier when there were 3,467, data from the city Department of Investigation reveals.


Anonymous said...

well my boss owns an apt. building in the city and this deadbeat lunatic bitch has not paid rent in over 2 years and files frivolus lawsuits and atill gets to stay

pay your rent or mortgage or get the hell out

Anonymous said...

the sad reality is that when a tenant gets evicted it affects all of us. why do the rents keep spiraling but our incomes are shrinking or non-existent? the next dupe to come along to rent that bed bug ridden, moldy, leaky set of rooms will be paying double or triple the rent.

Fact: Queens County has the lowest number of cases in the entire city.
Why the most evictions here?
Why is there no help or support for tenants?

it used to be when tenants went to court no one wanted to see them made homeless and judges prided themselves not only on being fair but applying the law to help not harm people.

Not so anymore. This is a sad day for working people every where. It seems to me that those who work in Queens county housing court hate their jobs and are miserable. I would be if I saw judges breaking the law every day and watched grandparents, children and disabled people be put into the streets to made second class citizens/homeless.

I sincerely hope that one fine day the pro landlord troll will be in the Queens tenant's shoes.

that woman you are attempting to disparage is way smarter than you will ever be! Tut-tut, must have been written by a slumlord troll!

No heat? No rent
No repairs? No rent

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, the law works best for the most evil person.

I've seen devil landlords and devil tenants.

My landlord brought my ceiling down on me, could have killed me, nothing happened.

I also stood next to a landlord friend with while a sabotaged boiler ran ready to explode.

Fortunately, a relative worked in a local water utility and had alerted my friend about a water shut-off, and we were able to shut down the damaged boiler before the lack of water caused an explosion.

It is a shame that morality has flown out the window. A little less greed, a little more compassion and we could all get by.

Anonymous said...

what kind of idiot stands next to anything about to explode?

sounds like made up crap to me!

Anonymous said...

Someone who cannot tell it is about to explode. And we shut the boiler down. For those technically inclined there is a part called a stack relay in the boiler which prevents the boiler from building up excessive pressure and blowing up.

If you disable that switch and bleed out the water, the resulting pressure will eventually cause an explosion. It is a slow process, but if the boiler is not turned off, the pressure can destroy boiler, house, neighbor's houses and all.

Try not to make pompous assertions based on no information.