Sunday, May 24, 2009

More schools closing, state may grant waiver

From NY1:

The city's request to waive the days kids are out of school because of H1N1 concerns is reportedly in the hands of the State Senate education committee.

The waiver would save the city from having to make up those days.

Public schools are required to hold classes for 180 days a year to get funding.

According to published reports, the Assembly has yet to consider such a bill.

The most recent closures effect three schools in Brooklyn, three in Manhattan, and two in Queens.

They are P.S. 58 and P9Q in Maspeth, Queens, where seven students were documented with influenza-like illness during the last two school days; P.S. 160 Borough Park, Brooklyn, where 17 students were stricken during the last three school days; P.S./I.S. 384 and P53 in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where 16 students got sick during the last four school days; and P.S. 138, P.S. 30 and M317 in East Harlem, where 14 students were documented with influenza-like illness on Friday.


Anonymous said...

ogni-has-been needs to give it up. He materializes out of thin air threatening to sue the city. However, he has a "good relationship" with the mayor. All lies.

Ogni-has-been needs to quite and stop embarassing himself.

Anonymous said...

And so should you...