Sunday, May 24, 2009

Flushing Meadows gets a bird blind

From the Queens Courier:

When a group of Queens civic leaders organized the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Conservancy in 2002, they made promoting the park’s unique environmental features a major priority.

Since then, they’ve been working with Estelle Cooper, the park’s administrator, to improve the second largest park in the city. On Saturday, May 9, the group dedicated their first “bird blind,” an environmental observation post in the park.

The small wood structure was inspired by similar blinds at Gateway and Alley Pond Parks. “The Conservancy is tremendously grateful to the New York City Environmental Fund for funding this very special structure,” said Conservancy founder and former chairman Richard Hellenbrecht.

The structure, and another to be erected at nearby Willow Lake, were designed by Kew Gardens Hills resident Ed Fischer.


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea. And if they want to see how to really integrate the design into the park, they should have someone check out the bird sanctuary in Planting Fields arboretum. They have a blind that also functions as a bridge, gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Just what LaGuardia airport needs near its flight path, a bird blind---taking chances folks...

Queens Crapper said...

Bird blinds afford people the opportunity to view wildlife without disturbing it. They don't attract more birds to the lake.