Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tommy Huang: "Klein Farm sold"

Over the holiday weekend, NY1 reported that the day care center operating out of the Klein Farm was told to leave the premises by Audrey Realty because the property had been sold. This report apparently isn't online yet; if and when it is posted, I will link to it. However, I did check the DOB and ACRIS sites and found nothing new for the site located at 194-15 73rd Avenue in Fresh Meadows. There is still an outstanding violation from 2007 that apparently has neither been corrected nor its fine paid.

Here's the Times Ledger's story about the Klein Farm.


Anonymous said...

He probably flipped it to his mother!

He left her holding the bag with all those violations etc. at the RKO Keith's...didn't he?

Anonymous said...

He did THAT to his own mother???

A builder can do that???

Anonymous said...

Con artists always take their own first.

Anonymous said...

WHat a lovely spot for TONS of new Queens Crap! Fedders will get a big order on this one!