Saturday, May 30, 2009

Developer ULURP fees to go up

From The Real Deal:

The city's Department of City Planning is proposing charging a steep increase in filing fees that would add nearly $200,000 to an application for some of the largest projects filed in the five boroughs, documents show.

The base fees for projects 2.5 million square feet or greater that require both land use and environmental reviews would rise by $183,275, or 62 percent, to at least $474,225, according to figures from the Department of City Planning calendar published Friday.

The hikes are part of wider increases in the city's vetting processes that are used to manage development. The jumps in the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure, or ULURP, and the City Environmental Quality Review, were first proposed by the Department of City Planning at the City Planning Commission May 4 meeting and are scheduled to be discussed at a public hearing June 17. The rules could be implemented as early as August following a vote by the commission, an agency spokesperson said.

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Anonymous said...

fees for residential areas should be far much steeper for structures greater than 1 family house. Anything with 3 or more units have fees that are prohibitive.