Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sex, lies and lots of red tape

From Fox 5:

These days, every dollar counts, so how would you feel if you found out you've been paying thousands of dollars extra in property taxes for your next door neighbor's land?

It's a confusing mess for one family in our area and Fox 5's John Deutzman is on a mission to straighten it out.


georgetheatheist said...

A million bucks for that p.o.s.?!

Anonymous said...

This is not the worst of her problems. The architect undoubtedly cut corners because the building is full of serious violations that he did not want to bring to anyone's attention.

Jail is called for. The woman in the other property may find that her house is holding up that million dollar piece of crap.

Also, when she does get paid back, the payment should include interest. The city would ask it if her payments were late.

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't this picked up on the initial title report? (Probably because she insisted on hiring a lawyer who does closings for $500)

Anonymous said...

lmao, come to mazeau street and see the same shit. a house on my block had a garage, which they build a house over it so now there are two houses on this double lot without a c.o.... funny thing they didn't run plumbing, so i bet ya the water and sewage bill goes on the orginal home and same with the taxes, someone is going to get screwed. we had brought this to the attention to the buildings dept, hello they did shit about it.

Anonymous said...

she has a nice rack

Anonymous said...

Both properties used to be owned by an individual who is now in jail on embezzlement charges. He was known to have video cameras hidden thoughout the older house for his own excapades.