Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bollywood strike closes Eagle Theater

NEW YORK - (AP) -- A film industry strike in India is having an effect half a world away. A New York City movie theater has temporarily closed because of the Bollywood crisis.

The Eagle Theater in Jackson Heights, Queens, specializes in first-run Bollywood movies.

In Mumbai, a seven-week-old strike by film producers over profits has brought India's film industry to a stop.

The 500-seat Eagle is in an ethnically Indian neighborhood. It is expected to reopen as soon as the strike in India ends.

Photo from butch stroll on Flickr


georgetheatheist said...

I'm sari to hear this.

jerry rotondi said...


The inventor of the atmospheric style theater (Loew's Valencia & Paradise), John Eberson, designed this local gem in the Art Moderne style.

Anonymous said...

..and like the rest of that part of Jackson Heights, it was remodeled into Calcutta slum style in the late 80's.

georgetheatheist said...

I'm sari to hear that too.

Anonymous said...

Oh you haven't been to Calcutta ol' buddy!

JH is paradise compared to it!

India...the land of schmutz & scmattas!

Anonymous said...

bI guees some of you preferred the "Eagle" when it was the "Earle Theater" showing porn films...a fine adjunct to "vaseline alley" where the butt-f-----s plied their trade!