Friday, May 29, 2009

Katz's conflicts-of-interest

From the NY Observer:

On Wednesday, May 13, Melinda Katz strode into the second floor of the National Arts Club on Gramercy Park South, where a suited crowd of mostly white, male real estate people sat expectantly. It was a luncheon for the Associated Builders and Owners of Greater New York. She was the guest speaker.

Ms. Katz moved easily in this crowd, shaking hands, touching arms, assuming the swagger and bravado peculiar to the real estate set. At times, she seemed much like a beloved younger sister bantering with older brothers.

As chair of the land-use committee, Ms. Katz has become a major player in the real estate community. She has presided, with relatively little controversy, over enormously important land-use decisions, ranging from the redevelopment of Willets Point to the rezoning of 125th Street in Harlem.

But she has done so with a marked disregard for appearances. A swift glance at her campaign finance records reveals contributions from pretty much every single major player in the New York real estate scene, including many with business before her committee: the Rudins, the Toll Brothers and the Walentases, to name a very few.


georgetheatheist said...

"Grease my palm. No, no, slather it on. That's right, between the fingers and around the wrist."

Anonymous said...

"Make snide comment. No, no, don't be too specific. That's right, keep it real general and widely applicable to conceal any ignorance of the topic at hand."

Anonymous said...

Hows this for specific? She's corrupt and is a parasite and gives nothing to the people for the salary she collects.-

Besides "strode" is a good description. She walks like Ellen Degeneris.

Anonymous said...

She is giving a speech Monday to The Cement League - they are in charge of building hi-rises

Sarah said...

What kind of insensitive people are you? She has a child (and a nanny) now; she doesn't have time to attend a grassroots pancake breakfast to raise money for her absolutely no chance bid for comptroller. Taking these bribes, I mean campaign contributions, is the only way for her to raise these needed funds. Come on now anything she does has to be forgiven she falls under the banner of “ SIGLE MOM”. How dare you all question her motives, I said “SINGLE MOM”!

Anonymous said...

What a hateful blog this is becoming with the select few making everone look like redneck swill

First it's anti-immigrant (really anti-Hispanic regardless if they are legal or even citizens). Then it was anti-black. Now its anti-gay.

Good job guys.

I read because I hate what is being built and how my tax money is spent. But I get embarassed reading this hateful crap sometimes.

linda said...

ignore the last blog! has to be katz..

she lines her pockets everyday with developers and the real estate. isn't it ashame that at one time her area thought she would be good for the community. We need to vote all these assholes out of their seats and bring in new fresh inspiring people for all communities. TIME FOR CHANGE, and it starts in NOV...

jerry rotondi said...

Sometime ago, I offered a looseleaf binder full of printouts regarding all of C.M. Katz's campaign contributors for anyone to peruse at a public hearing chaired by Jessica Lapin which was held at Queensborough Hall.

It included scads of real estate developers (major & minor), contractors, their various subs and affiliated trade groups, building management and maintenance companies, etc.

It depleted my ink cartridge!

I encourage EVERYONE to look up those same statistics for yourselves on line.

They are very "specific" and extremely damning!

One can accurately conclude from these that Melinda Katz is, indeed, the unashamed poster child of NYC's real estate industry!

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous (Katz, actually) said:
"First it's anti-immigrant (really anti-Hispanic regardless if they are legal or even citizens). Then it was anti-black. Now its anti-gay."

Talk about vague. Some specifics, please, Melinda-San.

Anonymous said...

oh someone playing the race card, it isn't hate when you are exposing corruption. damn whiners. do you need a hanky?

Anonymous said...

Army recruitment article was the recent one that was anti-Hispanic and anti-immigrant (when the recruitment was for documented immigrants still alot fo people ranted)

The MTA diversity article was recent for Anti-black (Claimed they all eat McD's and smoke on the trains, no one ever seen any MTA employee smoke on a train)

Now anti-gay (Ellen Degeneres, everytime Katz is mentioned, etc)

And I didn't evenpost the complaint earlier and I know it's getting bad on this site

Anonymous said...

she voted for wilets point to and must of got a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to

Anonymous said...

When all the old yentas pass who will vote for her?

Anonymous said...

Oh please Melinda Katz is NOT gay- she kind sorta plays that way to hide the fact that in her 16 years of feeding at the public trough she must have been knocking boots with some body(ies). No one is single 16 years unless maybe their boyfriend(s) is(are) unavailable?

When she rails about fighting the old boys club I have to Laugh. Are those the old boys who HANDED her her assembly seat at age 28?Chartier Morris Hevesi? No girls eh?

And no I like Black people and immigrants and gays and lesbians. Melinda does walk like Ellen Degeneres, she's just kind of not feminine. And outside of politics no one would look twice at her, but with the land use committee in her pocket...well that's better than a pair of 4 inch Jimmy Choos.
She believes her own press. She's not all that, she just thinks she is.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog with all the racist and anti immigrant comments!