Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh Boy! It's a Bridge Party!

From Time Out New York:

Sunday, May 31
Centennial Ceremonial Parade
9am. Queensboro Bridge.

Scott Stringer and Helen M. Marshall, Manhattan and Queens borough presidents, respectively, will be joined by other dignitaries, vintage cars, drum and trumpet corps and marching bands to kick off the centennial shindig mid-span on the bridge. You can catch the celebration from Queens, Manhattan or Roosevelt Island (but not on the bridge itself); listen for the celebratory sounds and look for the FDNY Fireboat, below, which will mark the occasion with a multi-color salute.

Photo of the Marshalls from New York Social Diary


Anonymous said...

Ahh it's Helen "let's see what other useless crap I can sick in College Point" Marshall. She another Bloomieterd that needs to go.

-Joe said...

Didnt they do fruite & nut roundup at Creedmore today ?