Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bloomberg's math hurting middle class

From the Daily News:

Jim Feasel is a retired NYPD detective, an expert in figuring out who did it and why.

But now there’s a problem in his personal life that he can’t solve and he feels handcuffed.

“How did the city’s appraised value of my home go up $75,000 last year... when property values went down 10% or more?” bellowed Feasel, who owns a two-family home in Woodside, Queens.

Along with thousands of other middle-class New Yorkers, Feasel is feeling the big squeeze — what happens when taxes and fees go up while income stays flat and investments and property values fall.

Property taxes are just part of the pinch. Water and sewer charges were hiked 14.5% last July 1 and will go up another 12.9% this July 1. Fares, tolls, utilities and property assessments are all higher.


Anonymous said...

Because no one wants you to live anymore. I keep saying that greed is a sickness in America and everyone argues with me.

God forbid this man who puts his life on the line protecting this city should hold onto his little home.

The working poor, working class and middle class all have to be stripped so that we can bring back feudalism.

Please read a good history of the Great Depression, I recommend Kenneth Galbraith on the subject, so you can see that we've heard this music before.

Anonymous said...

First of all we all know how bloomberg plays with numbers, crime stats that state crime is low when WE all know crime is up, waterfall stats that states it generated money for the city when we all know it cost us money to only destroy the trees that were over 100 years old. Bloomberg education stats how schools are improving when we all know how crowded and how poor they are are. They only make kids pass the test but with no education. Bloomberg has to GO, he is fucking this city

Anonymous said...

Now whoppi Goodberg is supporting Bloomberg. what a fucking asshole
Women for Bloomberg Kickoff

Dear Fellow Women for Bloomberg, Moms for Mike, Mujeres por Miguel, Females for Four More Years,

It's time to kick off WFB 2009!

I want you to join me on Monday, June 8th at 5PM for an intimate, candid, one-on-one, tete-a-tete, no-holds-barred conversation with our favorite candidate for Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg.

Two NYC legends together on the stage right near Broadway.

They're calling it... MIKE 'N' WHOOPI!

(I don't know about the billing – but the pun doesn't work the other way around!) Here are all the details:
June 08, 2009, 5-7pm
The Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College
899 10th Avenue
Between 58th and 59th Streets

It's going to be a great opportunity to hear what's on the mind of Mayor Mike as he leads us forward - and to get some of our burning questions answered.

I hope you'll join us. Seating is limited, so don't wait for a personal phone call from me before you respond. Do it now!

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Whoopi Goldbe

Anonymous said...

I'm in the final AND FULLY LEGAL STAGES with my attorney of converting my home into as of right not for profit tax exempt status.


Anonymous said...

Until they change the law and put it right back on the books. My advice, keep a low profile.

linda said...

Are you kidding me, Whoppi should hide from this man, but again another rich ass supporter. He couldn't impress anyone with his laim ass commericals for the middle class. This morning saw his new one trying to pull women voters. Please don't fall for it, the guy is full of shit, he cares for no one but HIS mighty dollar. Destroying hopes and dreams and killing us here in Queens with over developement. We need to rid of this MONSTER.

Anonymous said...

Well, of course Whoopi Goldberg supports Mike Bloomberg. She's one of the Manhattan elite! She wouldn't have supported someone like him years ago when she was living in the projects!

linda said...

lmao, now someone will come on and say that's racist. Does bloomass really think the cast of the View is going to help him with WOMEN voters? Women are smarter than that and if they're the ones handling all the money at home they know change is due.

throw his lil ass out come NOVEMBER!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Whoopie is supporting him. Back in the day when she was an angry young comic, she would have ripped him a new one.

People get more conservative as they have more at risk, and I guess Whoopie is no exception.