Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reflecting on 8 years under Bloomberg

From Bloomberg's 2002 inaugural speech:

Rebuilding our city and restoring our infrastructure, continuing the fight against crime and reforming our schools will not be easy in the current economic climate. It will require tough decisions and hard choices by all of us, in government, the nonprofit sector, business and labor. I will be asking all parts of my city government to do more with less. I will ask for their help, and I will seek their advice. But the facts are clear: We will not be able to afford all that we want. We will not even be able to afford everything we currently have.

And since leadership means setting an example, and in my book the search for efficiency always begins at the top, I pledge to reduce staffing in the office of the mayor by 20 percent, and I hereby challenge the controller, public advocate, borough presidents and the city council to do the same. We cannot ask of others what we are not willing to do ourselves.

I will do my part to balance the budget, as I am sure every city employee will do in turn. Let me say once more, though, we cannot repeat the mistakes of the past. We cannot drive people and business out of New York. We cannot raise taxes. We will find another way. And even though we must sacrifice now, let us not forget we are still a city of big dreams, of big ideas, big projects and a big heart. We must plan and develop for the long term. We can never abandon our future. We will bring new life to our waterfront and stimulate new investment in housing, schools, and when we can afford them, the world's best cultural and athletic facilities. These, along with our parks and transportation infrastructure in all five boroughs, cannot be ignored. We will plan now and build as funds become available. We will emerge from short-term pain to long-term gain.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a million more people will make it all better:

On Earth Day 2007, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, released PlaNYC, a comprehensive sustainability plan for the City’s future. PlaNYC puts forth a strategy to reduce the City’s greenhouse gas footprint, while also accommodating a population growth of nearly one million, and improving our infrastructure and environment.

What's wrong with this picture? I guess it's OK if ya don't count the increased demand on our bus and subway systems and schools.

Anonymous said...

The people will come anyway if the city stays livable. That's not on Bloomberg.

What is worse is that no provisions are being made for the existing New Yorkers who are fleeing madmen wantonly endangering existing homes and apartments.

Anonymous said...

The people will come anyway if the city stays livable.
Therein lies the caveat!

I am looking forward to the meltdown of the Flushing #7 line once all of the new residential monstrosities are occupied!

-Joe said...

I am very disheartened as to what this country has become and the citizens are sheeple.
Billionaires like Bloomberg, Gates, Abernakie, The Clintons,EU members have secret meetings behind closed doors with not a drop of media attention.

This proves how much power money can buy. If they can do this behind out backs what else are they doing ?

I am beginning to think these select filthy rich want to destroy both the Government and Middle class (as well as any polititions that get in their path)
These egomaniacs really think they could take over the country and run it like a global corperation.
--Bloomberg has already been doing this with NYC

If true
I'm guessing the total take over have to be accomplished before 2012 so "they" can rule forever.

Taxpayer said...

If all his lying and corruption is sinking in after these nearly eight years, then dump this turtle-faced shithead on November 3.

After that, your chances of dumping him are near zero.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...