Thursday, May 28, 2009

We've only just begun...

From the Daily News:

The biggest misconception about this year's citywide elections is that Mayor Bloomberg has a third term all sewn up.

Don't believe the hype.

Bloomberg has already spent $18.6 million on flacks, hacks, pollsters and preachers. The sum includes more than $15 million spent in the last two months alone on TV, radio and direct mail advertising.

But don't start the coronation just yet. Several key indicators suggest that the race remains close and could get much closer before November.

Start with the surprising fact that Bloomberg's three-month advertising onslaught hasn't moved key poll numbers.

That has set off a buzz among political insiders. A $15 million ad buy is supposed to move the poll numbers, particularly for an eight-year incumbent.

Everybody heard Bloomberg's campaign message - you couldn't avoid those TV ads and glossy color booklets - but the polls suggest New Yorkers aren't buying it.

It's not over. In fact, the race for City Hall has only just begun.


Anonymous said...

Tony Avella is the perfect candidate for a David vs. Goliath scenario. Perhaps we should start calling him Davella?

Lino said...

"A $15 million ad buy is supposed to move the poll numbers, particularly for an eight-year incumbent."

That is contrary to logic. Big ad campaigns are most effective at -introducing- an unknown person (or product) the fact that Bloombag's numbers have not changed during this blitz means little.

-It is not that New Yorkers "aren't buying it" - its that they already know the product.

Anonymous said...

I know I am not voting for that Blooming Idiot of a Mayor in Nov.. I will vote for anybody who runs against that SWINE...

linda said...

Let the ass continue to spend his money, who cares. I know I'm not voting for him. Also, i tell my family and neighbors the same vote his ass out come NOVEMBER!

Artfull Dodd-ger said...

Let the ass continue to spend his money, who cares.

linda - 5?, 10?, ok I give you 25

the mayor - 8,000,000

you should care - he is counting on his oppostion to be scattered.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to sew him up. When I was freezing, had no stove, had a ceiling fall on my head, his agencies were nowhere to be found. When it was 20 degrees farenheit, I was told HPD could stop by within a week.

Now when he wants my vote, hell can freeze over.

Anonymous said...


linda said...

again i know i can see through this man's bullshit and i believe so does alot of new yorkers. we need someone like tony avella who is not a whore to developers and voted "no" to over turning term limits. i would hope to read and hear more about his beliefs with creating work for the "UNION" workers of nyc, and stopping companies from hiring ILLEGALS and fining them. Also i would like to see more on protecting construction workers on the hwys, it's not mandated that hway police be on the sites to slow down traffic, pretty sad when you go out of the area, they have them. we need to create jobs for american people :).......

Errol's Sleepy Conscience said...

Wow, who woke up Errol Louis?!

Funny to read this and compare it to all the columns where Errol was flat on his back wiggling his legs in the air about Atlantic Yards. Oh!! Mayor Mike! Mr. Ratner!

Check it out, friends--

So which way is up, Errol?

There's a Bloomturd campaign office on Atlantic Avenue near downtown BK, in case anybody wants to stop in and chat. I'm sure the folks in there would love to hear from "we the people."

Anonymous said...

Maybe bloomberg's campaign spending is his plan for restoring NYC's economy. God knows his business acumen has not been helpful in preventing the recession, foreclosure crisis, or job loss. Way to go Bloomberg. Keep spending. And by all means keep showing your disrespect for the common people - reporters, Willets Point business owners, residents of Queens whose basements flood whenever it rains, or who have to live next door to all the crap you allowed to be built during your terms. The election is yours to lose.

Anonymous said...

My (executive vice president) boss (and I) worked on Bobby Kennedy's campaign (back in the day among others) at Doyle Dane Bernbach Inc. a world class ad agency
that boasted a multitude of award winning ad campaigns over the years with offices circling the globe.

You're shitting in your hat you amateur ad analysts!


Evan your strictly a little fish as a PR man. Go home to mamma!