Monday, May 25, 2009

Our local heroes

From AM-NY:

Spc. Juan Arango, 24, of Elmhurst, served as a gunner in Afghanistan with the New York National Guard last year.

Read about his sacrifices as well as those of Jamaica native Sgt. Annmelissa Harvey.


Anonymous said...

local hero?? what did he do for me?

Queens Crapper said...

He was a hero in the face of battle. He protects you.

Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

He served in Afghanistan, which is where Bin Laden was hiding after 9/11. Next dumb question?

Anonymous said...

oh.. wait.. you mean the same Osama who worked for the C.I.A.? Next dumb answer?

And if the U.S. gov't knew that Osama was in Afgh. why didn't the gov't get him? Next dumb answer?

Protects me from what? Blind patriotism sure sounds like fascism!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Bill Clinton get him when he had the opportunity to?