Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lots of unfinished crap in the Rockaways

From NY1:

Vacant homes, broken windows, and houses in disrepair -- a snapshot that captures parts of Far Rockaway. It's a far cry from what Susan Anderson was expecting to see when she bought her beach bungalow in 2004.

"The fact that some of them are falling into disrepair, the redevelopment, broken glass and not necessarily being maintained is problematic," said Anderson.

After years of neglect, many thought redevelopment would make the area very desirable. But some developers have now abandoned their projects.

"Sell it, flip it, get out and somebody else eats it. That's happened too much out here," said Anderson.


faster340 said...

Well then maybe I can get a beach front condo real cheap!

Jill said...

Anybody with 2 eyes and half a brain could have guessed this would happen. Building new houses doesn't suddenly change a community, especially when the surrounding areas are exactly the same as they were 20 years ago. Many parts of Rockaway need some big time help, and I never saw any signs that they were getting it.

Anonymous said...

First, anything too near the ocean is easily destroyed and dangerous in case of hurricanes.

The area is bitterly cold in the winter, streets flood, transportation stops. It is a million miles from anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

I know several people living in the Arverne by the Sea developments who are very happy.

Anonymous said...


I just got a slick mailing for "Arverne By The Sea".

I guess they think I'm going to move
from northeast Queens to the new future crime infested unsalable neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Sure...puffing weed at your "beachfront" Arverne manse can make you very "happy" indeed!