Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Wild Man of 96th Street" escapes Creedmoor

From the Daily News:

Police said Larry Hogue, a drug-addicted wacko who terrorized upper West Siders in the 1990s, walked away from the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens Thursday, police said Friday.

He was spotted around dusk last night on West End Ave.

Before being put away, Hogue, now 65, mugged an entire neighborhood around W. 96th St. for years.

He set fires under cars, heaved rocks through stained glass church windows, masturbated in front of kids, stalked seniors and threatened children with nail-studded clubs.

Cops would arrest him and take him to the psychiatric ward where he would be cut off from his crack supply. After a few weeks his demons would disappear and he'd be back on W. 96th St. again. Hogue became a symbol of a blundering mental-health system.

He wound up in jail for a year after he slugged a 16-year-old girl and pushed her in front of a Con Ed truck. She was unharmed but angry bystanders grabbed Hogue and held him for cops.

Eventually, he wound up in Creedmoor.

Police described Hogue, who's 5-foot-10, 265 pounds and bipolar, as "extremely violent" and dangerous.

"He's crazy, but apparently wily enough to get past the folks at Creedmoor," a police source said.

Ah, but rest easy, NY, the Wild Man has been caged again.


Anonymous said...

Why keep people like this alive?

faster340 said...


linda said...

someone please put him out of his misery. too bad a cop didn't shoot his ugly ass, bet Al Sharpton would thank the police force :)

M. Bloomturd said...

Leave him alone! I need all the votes that I can get!!! Tell 'em, Evan.

Wade Nichols said...

It's only fitting that he terrorized the upper west side, seeing how they are so famously liberal and "tolerant".

I hope if the government ever releases those other lunatics at Guantanamo Bay in the United States, they set them up in apartments in the upper west side, maybe in Michael Moore's building.

Anonymous said...

All the cops need do Look in thecitys "Flagship" Flushing Meadow Corona park in the back under the GCP.
.....Must be 40 of em,1/2 from Mexico & El Salvadore

Anonymous said...

Park workers and securiert have been told to "lay off them" or they will be visable on the streets or worse migrate to the USTA area.

Anonymous said...

That sounds just like the scenario that led to a rape/beating in sunnyside years tickets back to the homeland.

Anonymous said...

He'd make a great borough president (ha, ha)!

Anonymous said...

If he was a rich republican he could become vice president and terrorize the world. Its all a question of class.

Anonymous said...

If he was a rich republican he could become vice president and terrorize the world. Its all a question of class.
Ok, what does this statement have to do with anything we are discussing here?

Anonymous said...

If he threw your child under a bus you would not be so tolerant. An addled junkie split my mother's head after midnight mass on New Year's Day in 1966. She staggered home 10 blocks, opened the door and fell down in a puddle of blood in front of me.

Why no pity for the frightened victims of this man? If he cannot help himself, he does not deserve jail, but neither does he deserve to run wild and free slaughtering everyone in his path.