Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bloomberg begins Willets Point land grab

From the Iron Triangle Tracker:

The city will formally kick-off plans to seize control of the remaining privately-owned land at Willets Point this June, officials at the Economic Development Corp. said Wednesday.

The EDC said a public hearing on eminent domain will be held at Flushing Town Hall on June 22, a procedural first step in the legal process through which the city plans to take the remaining 22 acres of land at Willets Point.

Dozens of property owners are yet to reach deals with EDC negotiators however, and the city’s move towards eminent domain indicates that the time to do so outside of a courtroom is drawing to a close.

The vast majority of the City Council said it was opposed to the use of eminent domain, and the EDC said it would not use the controversial practice unless all other options had been exhausted.

Jerry Antonacci, co-owner of Crown Container Co. and President of Willets Point United Against Eminent Domain said...“They’re pretty quick to pull the trigger on eminent domain. But I guess they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do and we’re gonna do what we have to do to stop them.”

So Mayor Bloomberg, Seth Pinsky, Robert Lieber, David Lombino, Chuck Apelian, Claire Shulman, Helen Marshall, Toby Stavisky, Eric Gioia, Hiram Monserrate, Melinda Katz, John Liu, Peter Vallone, Jr., and all the other tweeders lied about what was going to happen at Willets Point. Which comes as a shock to absolutely no one.

The EDC only made 2 property acquisition deals since the November 13, 2008 vote and has been telling Iron Triangle businesses that lie outside of the phase 1 area - which is most of them - to not expect negotiations to start for more than a year. But then they send them an eminent domain notice?

As one astute observer remarked to me, "If there was a gun on the negotiating table before, now it's pointed at the owners' heads."

Thank you all for steamrolling the working people of Queens for your rich developer friends!


Anonymous said...

Gioia is running for public advocate, what a fucking joke and Katz/Liu, 2 of the biggest crooks are running for comptroller. fucking city

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg likes it hard in the ass. He goes to bahamas during the weekend to play with boys.

Anonymous said...

What is it with the homophobia? If this is true, he could stay there as long as he stopped f#ck@ing us.

Anonymous said...

Emperor Bloomberg needs to be stopped in his despotic employment of eminent domination!

But who will stand in his way?

Tweeders like Chuck Apelian & Co. ?

Not likely!

Chick's been a go-fer for the Queens clubhouse for too damn many years!

It's time to dump his ass too!

Anonymous said...

I really don't care which sex Bloomberg prefers fucking...
as long as it's not us taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg,
Queens Boro Pres Helen Marshall, Deputy Boro Pres Karen Koslowitz,
Senator Toby Stavisky,
Councilman Eric Gioia,
Senator Hiram Monserrate,
Councilwoman Melinda Katz,
Councilman John Liu, and
Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr.,

Anonymous said...

Of the list we have a good shot of banding together to stop Katz, Liu, Gioia, and Koslowitz from getting elected if we really work

Anonymous said...

Why Karen Koslowitz?

Anonymous said...

Because she stood there with Shulman and Marshall and never defended the residents.

Another pro-developer whore can't be sent to the council!

Anonymous said...

Monserrate is at the top of my list. He is a senator, while collecting disability for a mental condition, and he is accused of severely injuring a young woman.

This man also sicced Adult Services on two of my neighbors for having the audacity to continue to live in their rent controlled apartment where they have been for 40 years.

A landlord who bought this place decided to personally overturn rent control and stabilization and has Hiram Monserrate in his pocket. (No word as to when the landlord will reimburse the original owners who were paid a song on the property because they were law abiding.

back in black said...

we need everyone to show up at the hearing on 6/22 and voice opinon enough is enough and if all we do is talk it will never change>>>>it is time to show your support for these people we could be next>>> i will be there and i expect everyone else to be there too>>> lets show these pols that they are going to get eminent domained from office come november

Anonymous said...

I went to the Mets game last night. While walking around the stadium you can view the Willets Point junk yards. I believe I saw one of my cars in that dump.
Its ugly and I can't wait for all those Illegal chops shops to go. Can't come soon enough.
Say hello to Elvis ,
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Oh boo hoo the Mets fans are upset that their shiny new ballpark - that we paid for - is across the street from businesses that were there for decades before Wilpon even had the itch to own a baseball team.

Anonymous said...

every one show up and tell edc to go fuck off

joe said...

I went to the Mets game last night. While walking around the stadium you can view the Willets Point junk yards. I believe I saw one of my cars in that dump.

BECAUSE YOUR CAR IS A PEICE OF CRAP AND THATS WERE IT BELONGS now go back to your other blog site loser

Anonymous said...

Yes, that area is ugly, but so is taking what doesn't belong to you. Your attitude shows why no one's property is safe anymore. If someone else has a "higher use" just take it, especially if the higher use is personal profit.

Poor people have to live too. When I still had my scotch-taped together beater, I often patronized these shops because I could not afford the rip-off prices that dealers and new parts places charge. Furthermore, junkyards keep dead cars out of the waste stream.

If there is a problem with stolen merchandise, send the cops right down. The vendors are right next to each other, so convenient for raids.

Anonymous said...

If we truthfully care about Queens, Willets Point needs to be changed for the better. With that being said businesses located their should be treated as well as possible to re-situate themselves.

Anonymous said...

If we truthfully care about Queens, we'll provide this long neglected industrial mecca with streets and sewers and allow it to thrive on its own.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, if we truly care about property rights, that's another reason to do what you just said!

Anonymous said...

there are people there who have special permits to operate that are non transferable and the city has no intention of compensating these people just put them out of business---why do you think they are fighting

Taxpayer said...

Anonomoron said:
"If we truthfully care about Queens, Willets Point needs to be changed for the better. With that being said businesses located their should be treated as well as possible to re-situate themselves."

What if the property was your house? Your car? Your clothing, stereo, your books? Any one or all of these things will likely be ugly to someone.

So, have the government take what we say is ugly and give it to someone else who say they can do better with it?

And you will go away quietly without protest?

Anonymous said...

Good Bye Chop Shops. Can't wait.The Best thing that could happen in this area.
My car could'nt have been that bad, or it wouldn't have been stolen and chopped up for profit.
Let's Go Mets!!!!
Say hello to Elevis, or maybe he's working there?HMMMM.
Have a nice Day

Queens Crapper said...

So you recognized your car after it was chopped up into parts?


Anonymous said...

No, they go after the oldest, worst cars first because the aftermarket may be the only place to get the parts.

The new parts places don't stock parts for trash-mobiles, both because they are too old and because their owners won't pay the whacked-out prices.

Anonymous said...

biggies back

Anonymous said...

He couldn't be doing this without the help of Chuck Apelian & Co. !!!