Thursday, May 28, 2009

How many violations are allowable?

From the Daily News:

Since January 2008, the Buildings Department has issued stop-work orders 12 times at 111 Lawrence St., hitting contractors with 38 claims for unsafe conditions, falling objects and fire hazards.

Eleven violations remain open and contractors on the job face $78,200 in fines, records show.

On Wednesday, the city slapped the latest stop-work order on the planned 51-story building after hardhat Ronald McGovern fell three stories while trying to stabilize a crane's load. He landed in a dumpster and survived with minor injuries.

The city cited crane operator Pinnacle Industries for unsafe use of a crane. The contractor running the job, Bovis Lend Lease, was cited for unsafe conditions.

Perils at the Brooklyn Tower included frightening crane incidents that continued even after subcontractors were cited.

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Anonymous said...

The carnage has just begun. Wait till the tenants move in. Although to be fair to Bovis, at least they use union workers with some training. which is a big step up on their competition.

Right now, people are living in buildings built with no Certificates of Occupancy, others share basement or attic apartment firetraps, others are sleeping in shelters because construction of adjacent buildings ripped their homes to smithereens.

The news is being managed. They bury what would have been front page news when I was young. And you thought sacrificing to Moloch went out the with Old Testament. No, we have blood sacrifices on the streets of New York everyday.