Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bloomie's an insensitive jerk

From the Daily News:

The widow of the city's first swine flu victim blasted Mayor Bloomberg for saying New Yorkers should "consider yourself lucky" to get the virus.

"I'm not feeling very lucky. I'm sorry I can't agree with that," said Bonnie Wiener, whose husband, Assistant Principal Mitchell Wiener, died last week.

"My children are not feeling very lucky either," the widow added. "It's a very puzzling comment to make."

Bloomberg made the awkward remark a day after the city suffered its second swine flu death.

"In some senses, if you have H1N1 [virus], you should consider yourself lucky because it so far seems to be a milder flu than the garden variety," Bloomberg said Monday.

Hey, remember when he told the family of a deceased detective who had contracted lung disease from Ground Zero that he was not a hero?


Anonymous said...

Disgusting but what else would you expect from this dirtbag. And magically the morons in this city will re-elect him

Anonymous said...

lmao, i can't believe he said this. so so cold.. damn.

Anonymous said...

What joy! We should also be very luck to get black plaque, typhoid, leprosy or tuberculosis. Such history!

And don't forget all the garden variety diseases such as measles or rubella that used to take a few lives each year before vaccinations became commonplace.

Or maybe the common cold, that still gets a few of us. Disease is always a blessing.

When I had pseudo-tumor cerebrii, which partially blinded me, people told me I was lucky that I didn't have a real brain tumor. Blindness-such a blessing!

linda said...

All I can say the man's a jackass and the mornon really doesn't think before he speaks, time to let him go!

Alan said...

If I said it once...


Anonymous said...

The momentum is building. This turtle faced cold hearted billionaire bozo has to go.

Anonymous said...


Taxpayer said...

His imbecility is flabbergasting.

Use November 3 to knock this shithead off our payroll.

Anonymous said...

This is the same guy who, during a power outage that lasted up to 10 days, told residents of Sunnyside and Astoria to be grateful for Con Ed. (I KNOW it's also an overdevelopment problem but that was still a really stupid comment).

Anonymous said...

I hope he really can be pushed out with a election. After all he just attended a Bilderberg meeting with David Rockefeller and folks from the old administration like Gheitner to create some massive change, so they have a hold on the "main" currency and are "health".

National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers [who was also present at Bilderberg], former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker also at Bilderberg, ex-SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt and Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard University law professor who heads the congressional watchdog group for the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program.” The Federal Reserve is a privately owned central bank, owned by its shareholders, consisting of the major banks the make up each regional Fed bank (the largest of which is JP Morgan Chase and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York). This plan would essentially give a privately owned bank, which has governmental authority, the ability to regulate the banks that own it. It’s the equivalent of getting a Colonel to guard a General to whom he is directly answerable. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. It is literally granting ownership over the financial regulator to the banks being regulated.

Among the members of the Bilderberg Group are various European monarchs. At this years meeting, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was present, who happens to be the largest single shareholder in Royal Dutch Shell, one of the world’s largest corporations.

The hardliners are for dramatic decline and a severe, short-term depression, but there are those who think that things have gone too far and that the fallout from the global economic cataclysm cannot be accurately calculated if Henry Kissinger's model is chosen.
European bankers faced with the specter of their own financial mortality are extremely concerned, calling this high wire act "unsustainable," and saying that US budget and trade deficits could result in the demise of the dollar.

Anonymous said...

You'd think that Bloomberg, being such a pig himself, would be the first to perish from swine flu...too bad!

Anonymous said...

Remember when Blumturd insulted the disabled person?

That dropped out of sight real fast.

Hope Tony brings it back.

Anonymous said...

Bloomturd leaves no doubt to the term: the rich are different.