Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sad state of Jamaica Estates house

"The only decent-looking building on the whole block of Wexford Terrace off Midland Parkway, and it looks like it's ready to come down.

Two of these photos were taken this past week, and one was taken back in September. It's been empty for several years.
There's a demo permit on file, but none attached to the fence."


Anonymous said...

this has been under demolishment for over 3 years now nothing has ever happened..ive lived in this block for years and our house is the only untouched amongst the entire block & i always admired this house especially during halloween

Anonymous said...

Here's an example of a upper class area gone down the toilet. My parents used to consider Jamaica Estates the epitome of wealth(at least in Queens). If you were wealthy, THAT was the place to be. It's turning into a dump. I guess whoever represents that area is a sellout.

Anonymous said...

That's Gennaro's area. Wotta surprise.

Anonymous said...

It appears that something's now in the works, anonymous. Although the erection of the construction fence is a once-a-year ritual at this location, sections of the roof are missing, and the windows appear to have been removed permanently this time.

faster340 said...

What a shame. That could be a beautiful house. What will go in its place is some ugly off color brick barracks to house 8 families! What a shame...

Frank said...

I agree, faster340. That house has major potential!

Anonymous said...

Any reason they did not submit this to the Landmarks Commission?


Anonymous said...

Sure, it wasn't on the West Side.


Anonymous said...

I pass by the house very often. It has a certain Adams family appeal to it and it would be pity to see it demolished.

Snake Plissskin said...

Here's an example of a upper class area gone down the toilet.

So why is Historic Districts Council not out here holding public education forums?

Or are the techiques developed in Brooklyn Hieghts or the West Side the only ones valid?

Anonymous said...

Jamaica Estates DID try to get landmarking, but when they sent out a questionaire to get input, "supposedly" the majority of the residents were against it. Since none of the residents actually saw the count, I would question whether it was actually skewed against landmarking. There were a number of the "leaders" of the neighborhood who did NOT want landmarking. A real shame - it was the beginning of the demise of what could have remained a fantastic area.

Miles Mullin said...

Jamaica Estates DID try to get landmarking, but when they sent out a questionaire to get input, "supposedly" the majority of the residents were against it.

Proof positive that the preservation community sucks when it comes to public education and spreading the word.

Remain mute secure within your district while the rest of the city gets thrown into a dumpster, eh?

Ever read "Masque of the Red Death?"

-Joe said...

Shame, JE was just like Bushwick when I was a kid.
Bushwich was a paradise lined with of houses like that lots of trees.

I was there recently Bushwick Ave must be 1/2 lots and barricks like buildings you see in Russia.
Bayside is starting to look real crappy as well

Dr.Cooks Mansion is still there. The people who baught it are sinking some big $$ into it.
The let me take a peek inside, it must have been amazing in its day.
Some of the original wallpaper is still inder the layors of pain !!

They must have a year of stripping to do on the stairs alone

Anonymous said...

Who lived in this run-down mansion? The Addams Family?

Anonymous said...

New York State Pavillion syndrome.

To speed up the demo permit (unsafe building)on Long Island the Persian owned real estate company’s have a trick or two.

They buy old Cape houses damage the roofs, down spouts, put rats and termites and let them stew 2 or 3 years.

There is a house like this on Norgate road and Northern Blvd (corner Lot) in Manhasset owned by the Sunset Chaples.
Hornets, Rats, Bats Squerrels, Racoons you name it live in there.
The town does NOTHING !!

The aging owners kids want it down so they could level the whole 1/4 block and sell to North Shore for another green glass and steel Medical Building

Anonymous said...

I lived near that house more than 20 years ago. Although someone was still living there at the time, it appeared that they did not want to or could not maintain the house. It had already started to deteriorate. I am surprised the house still stands, even in the terrible state it is in now, after all this time.

Anonymous said... come it wasn't landmarked?

Didn't it meet bitch Bett's "criteria" at the LPC (tee, hee)! wasn't in Manhattan!

Somebody ought to donate an "Elephant Man" type bag to hide her face or re-rout her alimentary canal!

Anonymous said...

I wish i lived there...its a shame 2 see it get demolished. :( though, its believeable because the west side has better houses, and nothing really ever gets demolished there. the east side isnt great anymore.

Anonymous said...

This is heartbreaking! I think what happened to Jamaica Estates is what happened to neighborhoods like Cambria Heights, where I'm from. The people who made those neighborhoods nice were small business owners and other entrepreneurs. The new money is in speculation and government contracts. These newly rich are more into trendy addresses in gentrified neighborhoods or ex-pats living abroad. The money is not there anymore. Its so sad because Jamaica Estates was the dream when I was little!