Friday, February 27, 2009

NYC politics like the mafia

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Just like the mob rigged drugs, gambling and prostitution our elected officials have rigged the election law to protect incumbents from challengers. A good example of an election law hit was the candidate who was knocked off the ballot in a special elections this week because a judge said the name of his party broke the election law (in a special you cannot use established parties). Glenn DiResto was removed from the ballot because the name who choose Families First according to the judge sounded to much like the established Working Families Party. Because of thug tactics like the election law our local elections have become so noncompetitive, that, behind public view, most incumbents, regardless of party or reform beliefs, work together like the organized crime commission organized in 1957 in Appalachian, New York, to keep the outs “out.” Sometimes elections are so fix that candidate receive the both Republican and Democrat endorsements.


Anonymous said...

Why do we assume that there is a difference between pols and crooks. In Boston, the mayor was brother to a vicious killer. New York has been corrupt since its founding, its first English governor, Lord Cornbury was a thief and a raving nutcase.

The tradition continues.

Anonymous said...

Go to CFB and look at Racotta's contributions for the 32 Council race. Whole bunch of bus people.

Miles Mullin said...

I am curious why NY's chatting classes, so upset by spots on the map like Dafur, for example, all but ignore the inexcusable state of politics in their back yard.

1. The elite: waste their time on the ski slopes and travel and ostentatious spending. Government? As long as they make a million to run a company into the ground, who cares?

2. The middle class: the tradition of involvement is not cultivated. Fed American Idol and McDonalds, who will focus their attention? Take a look at community preservation in NY. No effort made by the haves on public education for the 90% of the have nots.

3. The poor: illegal immigrants who only care to send money home, the underclass to make it through another month.

How to change? The economic meltdown is an opportunity that to date seems wasted.

Mabye we need to suffer more.

Anonymous said...

"Mabye we need to suffer more."

Miles, I think you may be right.

Anonymous said...

Miles, I'm with you. How long before the suffering reaches the point where heads start rolling?

Anonymous said...

Miles, I'm with you. How long before the suffering reaches the point where heads start rolling?

Anonymous said...

Look at Phony Tony Como in Middle Village and his gang of jerks. His Consilgere Serf. His Chief of staff infection James. Jake the snake. The cast of Characters goes on.

Phony Tony Como cares only about himself and his friends and not anyone else.

Phony Tony Como is bad for our neighborhood, period.