Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tweeders preparing for Doorman's exit

Mr. Van Bramer is a Democratic state Committeeman who has worked for the Queens Public Library for more than a decade.

“It’s not at all too early to start campaigning,” said Mr. Van Bramer, who is also president of the West Queens Independent Democratic Club and a co-founder of Queens Pride House, a center for the borough’s gay population.

Deirdre A. Feerick, a lawyer for the City Council and a candidate for the Council seat, held a fund-raising breakfast on Sunday, asking for guests for a $10 contribution and a coat, which was to be donated for a shelter for homeless veterans in the district.

Among the other candidates in the race are David J. Rosasco, who is a member of Community Board 2 and president of Nichibei Translations, a Japanese translation business; and Brent M. O’Leary, a legal compliance office for Bloomberg L.P.

Candidates Gear Up for Queens Council Race

Number one opposes landmarking of the Elmhurst Library and number 2 opposed landmarking of Sunnyside Gardens, where number one lives. Number 4 is attached to Bloomberg. In other words: same crap, different names. The country votes for change but Queens asks for the same old shit.

Speaking of which, what is that boy up to lately?

City Councilman Eric Gioia wants Jumbotrons erected in Central Park for all those New Yorkers who can’t score a ticket or get to Washington D.C. to celebrate Barack Obama’s inauguration in January.

Gioia, speaking with me after Ray Kelly’s testimony, said if the city can’t pay for it, the cost could be borne by private funding.

Excellent! This really helps your constituency, Doorman. You deserve to be our advocate.


Anonymous said...

Too Bad Tony Tulip can't run. He may even win in this group.

Anonymous said...

We get the same old shit because we have the same old doody-brained well tweeded voters who still believe the lies that are forced fed to them by the Queens KKK
(Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks)!

And those Savisky slobs are at the vortex of this corrupt Democratic dictatorship that continues to milk our borough.

Anonymous said...

Ooops....spelling correction:

STAVISKY...."T" as in Toby.

Anonymous said...

JVB seems to use his job as the gov't point-person for the Queens Public Library to schmooze and build up his political connections. Is the tax-payer subsidizing his political career, since he seems to do it on company time?

Anonymous said...

which ever one makes cleaning up the filthy parts of the neighborhood a priority will get my vote. the garbage is out of control in Sunnyside.

Anonymous said...

The gay demographic doesnt seem to remember the discrimination that working class people now endure.

The clubhouse knows they are rich, they are articulate, and they can cause trouble.

Every ready to reinvent itself, and knowing the weak point of oppostion, it knows they crave acceptance.

So they bring in the gays.

Now you see gays like that mod on astorians.com calling himselves a 'hack.' THAT is something that is best kept in the closet.

Anonymous said...

The Queens Library board (like every major cultural group in queens) under the control of the developers.

Take a look at the archtect for Dutch Kills and Steinway Street: the Ledge's good buddy, Georgie S.

Just work your way through the list and you start to get a feelling that JVB will be just another Doorman.

Anonymous said...

JVB did not endorse Ober. Gay voters sohuld remember this when going to the polls.

Anonymous said...

Are all the people who are running gay? I doubt it! And so what if they are - who they choose to sleep with, impedes their ability to make sound decisions for the city? Now your really ridiculous.