Friday, November 28, 2008

Learn all about the BSA

Here's your opportunity to learn what the Board of Standards and Appeals does and how it works. The Historic Districts Council is presenting a lecture on the topic this Monday. Dec 1.

In New York City, one body has the power to grant exceptions to certain local building laws and regulations on a case-by-case basis: the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA). Once granted, such special permissions, known as variances, provide building owners and developers with legal, alternative approaches to the city’s Zoning Resolution, Building and Fire Codes, and Multiple Dwelling and LaborLaws. The BSA also hears appeals made by property owners, community groups, elected officials and the like who believe that a given commissioner or agency head has issued a ruling that is illegal.

Comprised of five mayoral-appointed commissioners, the BSA is considered to be one of the most obscure but powerful bodies in city government. Yet many neighborhood advocates who have opposed or closely monitored construction projects in their neighborhoods have had to appeal to the BSA at one time or another. BSA Vice-Chair Christopher Collins will explain the basic steps of presenting to the Board, from how to navigate their procedures and requirements to how the most effective approach to formulating arguments.

The Coffee Talk begins at 8:30am and is held at the Neighborhood Preservation Center, 232 East 11th Street, between Second & Third Avenues in Manhattan. All Coffee Talk events are free of charge.

Reservations required. To RSVP, email or call (212) 614-9107.


Anonymous said...

Okay, one little piece of information was left out of the post. Some people might say it's pretty important.

Can you guess what it is?

Anonymous said...

Don't know about Rich's point, but why do they do everything in Manhattan?

Yet another excuse to tell everyone that they serve the 5 boros while they spend 90% at home?

They should have programs like this in every community board.

On a regular basis.

And started this 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

8:30 AM?

And who goes to this - Pratt students taking a break from writing yet another tiresome prodevelopment study?

So much for public education.

Anonymous said...

"8:30 AM?

And who goes to this"

losers with no life

Anonymous said...

when has hdc done anything for anyone? can anyone answer this? hdc is loaded with good-for-nothing trolls, who by the way look like they could use a grooming.