Sunday, November 30, 2008

City's ballpark suite may cost us big

Mayor Bloomberg's top aides engaged in a behind-the-scenes brawl to win a free luxury suite at the new Yankee Stadium that could wind up costing taxpayers, e-mails show.

Some of the mayor's top deputies spent months threatening and cajoling to get the free skybox. They even demanded free food and ultimately got most of what they wanted after they agreed to provide America's richest team 250 free stadium parking spaces in exchange.

The loss of revenue from those spaces could wind up coming back to haunt taxpayers if the garage owner - who pays rent to the city - can't pay what he owes.

City demanded free suite, food from Yankees, e-mails reveal

The team has refused to provide the city with free food in its new luxury box. In a July 24, 2006 e-mail to Doctoroff, Pinsky whined, "If others get food with their suites, so should we."

As of this week, it was not clear if the food fight had been resolved.

NYC: Run by a bunch of overpaid, selfish, spoiled crybabies.

More from the NY Times:

The parking spaces were given to the team for the private use of Yankees officials, players and others; the spaces were originally planned for public parking. The city also turned over the rights to three new billboards along the Major Deegan Expressway, and whatever revenue they generate, as part of the deal.


Anonymous said...


When will stop?

How about we get the City Council give the Waldorf a tax break and give the NYC government the penthouse suite?

How about a permanent booth at Jean Georges?

NYC DOESNT need police. It needs luxury boxes for Bloomie's friends (because, while they probably can afford to build stadiums and fugly condos, cant afford to buy Met tix.)!!!!

Anonymous said...

One of the most disgusting demonstrations of the Commissar's regime:

Let the children fight among themselves for "scraps" (that belong to the taxpayers). Make thuggish demands (again, to be paid by taxpayers or ticket purchasers), bankrupt the parking lot operator (he's just one of the piddling "little people" so detested by the dwarf commissar).

That's your money they're demanding!

Anybody else spot this line in the e-mails: "Also, in order to get resolution on this issue, we need to get Parks Dept. on board. The luxury box is one of few things they seemed to be focused on. that, of course, will take time that we don't have." [all spelling and grammar errors from the original.]

As I read this, the message says that Benepe is an easy lay; he just wants the taxpayers to pay for his luxuries. Isn't he just the typical lickspittle, lapdancer for the dwarf-sized turtle-face Commissar Death and Taxes? Isn't that what the whole email exchange reveals so clearly?

And they all want their "Dear Leader" to have another, then another and another ... crack at stealing tax money from the middle class workers. And, he's the "Financial Guru" who's the only person in the galaxy who can manage New York through the financial crisis he participated in creating?

Anonymous said...

The average citizen can no longer obtain a seat at Yankee or Citi stadiums due to the extreme high cost. Well now he can sit in the luxury box for free - all he or she has to do is get on the waitng list of his City's wait list - after all this is the citizen's perk not his/her employee the Mayor nor his staff personal perk - right?

Anonymous said...

where's the willets point e-mails,wow what a story that would be huh? how mr pinsky & monster-rat gave the 3 muskateers a golden parachute in exchange to get the willets point deal thru. love to see those e-mails

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They're almost as spoiled as the sports stars! Maybe Bloomy's team can share a cell with Plaxico.

Anonymous said...

Can't you see this guy as some senior commissioner in a few years?

Anonymous said...

seth pinsky is a gofer an idiot he should be put in jail for using his position to extort the yankees for his personal game--- business as usaul for the politicans , and the sad part is they always spin it to seem like nothing wrong was done