Friday, November 21, 2008

Sutphin Underpass Project to commence

After a year of bureaucratic delays, officials Wednesday signaled the start of a $12 million project to turn a "foreboding" stretch of sidewalk near the Jamaica train station into a commercial hub catering to commuters.

The project, hatched in 2002, is the first phase of a $100 million economic revitalization of downtown Jamaica that aims tap into the area's importance as a key transit link to JFK Airport.

The first phase, known as the Sutphin Underpass Project, will create 5,500 square feet of retail space by revamping the eastern side of a viaduct that carries the Long Island Rail Road over Sutphin Blvd., between Archer and 94th Aves.

Make-over coming to Jamaica strip

A contractor is expected to be selected next week. Construction is expected to start in February and finish in July 2010.


Anonymous said...

How many times are they going to try and polish the turd that is Jamaica. It lost it's charm in after the 1950s. Been trying to shine it since then, and still failing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Helen:
Please get rid of all the homeless people, drug addicts, pimps,and prostitutes roaming around Jamaica before you start this lame project. That area is a dump. Oh, what about all of the illegal hot sheets motels around Sutphin as well. You are wasting our time and tax dollars on this one. Jamaica has wasted millions of our tax dollars over the last
30 years---it will never change--in our lifetime anyway!

Tiana said...

Anyone know when the completion date of the Sutphin Underpass project is? As I understand, Robin Eshaghpour of Sutphin Properties is a majority stake holder in the project. Anyone know how he got control of the master lease from the LIRR?