Sunday, November 23, 2008

Doorman disconnected from reality

Nearing the last year of his two terms in the city council, Gioia surveyed his council district for the luncheon audience and said, "These neighborhoods really mean the world to me." He means to embrace a far greater number of neighborhoods as public advocate, which he calls "the attorney general of New York City".

Gioia Sees 'Disconnect' Between City, People

...he said, "How many bells are on the front door, how many mattresses are in kitchens?" Having extra residents crammed into apartments only means, along with the Food Stamps figure, that New York is a city in trouble. "People feel strong[ly] about their neighborhoods and about the city, but they see a disconnect" between the city and them, he said.

Actually, bells on the front door and mattresses in the kitchen are more indicative of a temporary community than one that feels 'strongly' about the neighborhood. But where would all the people, especially the illegals, living in the illegal apartments go if the City cracks down on them? So it's ok for this to continue until enough 'affordable' housing is built for them, which will be never. Right, Eric? Funny how this public advocate wannabe has never made a peep about illegal conversions or illegal construction throughout his tenure as councilman. This makes him a strong contender for the 2009 King of Queens Crap award.

Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

A formidable candidate for the award but still trails Schulman and Marshal

Anonymous said...

eric if you cared so much then why did you vote for eminent domain? your still a parkside groupie

Anonymous said...

Yeah really, the public advocate is supposed to advocate FOR the people and AGAINST the mayor.

Congestion pricing? Voted yes.
Eminent domain? Voted yes.

This is a stooge for Bloomberg, not an independent thinker.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone specify what were the three most independent and original thoughts that traveled through the doorman's swollen head?

Anonymous said...

This guy has done shit for his community.

All he does, in classic doorman fashion, is to take care of the guests, in this case, the developers.

His community is being wiped off the map, and says nothing.

Keeps the Queensbridge folks happy (and quiet) getting them a bank - as they get marginalized like their white neighbors to the south.

Given a nice resume building job of talking about hunger (a really big problem - indeed, the biggest in Queens West).


Anonymous said...

Congestion Pricing - Eric voted YES
Eminent Domain - Eric voted YES
Eric Gioia for Public Advocate - We the people will vote NO!
No way will he be voted in for that position or any other civil servant position.
He doesn't serve the people, he only serves himself. Let the Parkside Group hire him.

Anonymous said...

Its a one party state and we know the stats:

1/3 tweeded: they will vote YES!

1/3 seniors: they will vote YES!

1/3 the rest of us: it doesnt matter how we vote.

He will get any office the machine picks for him no matter how good (or meaningless) he is to his constituents.

Anonymous said...

he also must get voted out with the mayor

Anonymous said...

May I assist you out the door
with a shoe up your ass Eric
(one of my vintage pointy toed Italian numbers)?

Happy landing doorman!

Anonymous said...

Disconnected from reality maybe...
but not from real estate developers' wallets!

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen anything about the 20 year old know nothings who work in his office as constituent's representatives". I suppose the people who know anything and get services for citizens and not just illegal aliens, were all fired or walked a long time ago. Thanks for nothing Eric.

Has anyone looked into the bogus Immigration Tenant Advocacy Project next door to Gioia's office in Sunnyside? Get that, legal services for immigrant tenants but the rest of us mere citizens can go to hell, be harassed and get evicted Not that the creep McReady knows any thing but kissing landlord's asses! but it's good press for him.

Except they are actually welcoming in illegal immigrants and shoving citizens out the door onto the sidewalk.