Saturday, November 22, 2008

Colleagues think Gioia's full of crap

At a City Council hearing on how Michael Bloomberg’s budget will impact the Health and Human Services agency, its commissioner traded barbs with City Councilman Eric Gioia over the issue of “finger imaging” recipients in order to qualify for benefits.

Gioia said the program costs about $1 million annually, and acts as a “deterrent of humiliation” driving away countless New Yorkers.

Gioia Plays the Bush Card

Later, after the commissioner noted that the program is used in California and Texas, Gioia said, “Well, I’m sure Governor Bush in Texas, when he implemented it, had the same concerns you had about preventing fraud.”

After the exchange, Gioia left the hearing. Bill de Blasio, the chair of the hearing, who, like Gioia, is a declared candidate for Public Advocate, said, “Invoking Governor Bush, that’s a tall order.”

City Councilmen Peter Vallone Jr. of Queens and Jimmy Vacca of the Bronx both expressed support for the program saying, despite Gioia’s assertion, it does prevent fraud and is worth keeping.

Above: The Doorman shoveling it.


Anonymous said...

The US Military fingerprints all members of all services. Banks fingerprint and verify the prints of all employees. To obtain a passport, we must prove our ID and citizenship (photo ID). To enter a public building, we must show photo ID.

Yet, for someone to live off of my labor, I must not ask that person to prove his or her identity?

Gioia, you are full of shit if you actually believe that it's an imposition to prove identity.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is hungry and in need of food stamps would gladly get fingerprinted. It's the illegals who mooch of the taxpayers who won't cooperate. Teachers, military, bank workers and anyone who collects a paycheck have their fingerprints on record. I administered a civil service test and I needed to be fingerprinted. Why is Gioia coddling these criminals. Is it because they are not entitled to this benefit? I think he is aiding and abetting.

Anonymous said...

This idiot is supposed to be trying to save money, so the taxpayers don't have to shell out any more than they have to. People who get benefits must be fingerprinted to root out fraud and corruption. This will SAVE money in the long-run. Someone tell this ass that he is supposed to be working for the taxpayers, not against them.

Anonymous said...

- why are poor people considered criminals before being charged with a crime?

maybe when it happens to you, you will be horrified to learn your rights are being violated when you apply for any government benefits.

then it will be too late