Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flushing woman's phone finally stops ringing

Rose Stama, 85, finally has relief.

NY1 called Verizon and STI and they determined that STI technicians accidentally listed Stama's number as the outgoing number for STI's calling cards. The two numbers, as it turns out, differed by only a digit.

To compensate Stama for the aggravation, STI gave her a $1,500 check and, more importantly, stopped the calls.

"It wasn't just that they gave us the money and that was it. They actually did fix the problem," said D'Amato. "We can actually sit and eat a meal without having to get up 10 times to answer the phone."

NY1 For You Follow Up: Phone Finally Stops Ringing For Queens Woman

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Anonymous said...

There's a point to make from this incident:

Rose Stama suffered from a problem caused by STI. STI technicians screwed up. Rose complained. Got nowhere. Finally called NY1 For You. Bad publicity was going to be inevitable.

NY1 intervened. STI confessed, fixed, explained, apologized, and compensated Rose for the trouble.

We all know that mistakes can be made; all the time; by any of us. Sensible people don't get mad because a mistake occurred. Realistic people get mad - real mad - when the problem is denied, lied about, ignored, given a shoddy "fix" to get rid of us, or the fix refused because there's no budget for the fix, or "it's not my job".

Yes, it took the threat of bad publicity here, but, the fix occurred.

We pretty routinely complain about and have problems fixed to our satisfaction with so many commercial businesses - coffee too cold, spoiled food, bad service, you name it. We complain; problem solved. Some of us even use the situation to our advantage by lying about a "problem" to get some free fix.

Now, contrast this nice ending with the multitude of ever-increasing problems caused us by the city. No amount of bad publicity can get a fix.

As a matter of fact, the very people who we would expect to make the fix happen participate insolently in aggravating the problem. And, we reward the impudence by reelecting them and treating them like celebrities.

And, the celebrities laugh in our faces.