Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mayor Doomsberg

Call him Mayor Doomsberg.

In rat-a-tat fashion on Wednesday, Hizzoner:

- Warned city workers they are in danger of being laid off.

- Defiantly told homeowners not to count on property tax rebates.

- Ordered city thermostats turned down as temperatures hovered near freezing.

"Wear a sweater if you're chilly!" the mayor advised city workers - before threatening them with unemployment.

'Wear a sweater if you're chilly!' - and you may lose your job, Mayor Bloomberg says

Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

Can I have some bread crumbs too mister.Me sweater is ripped mister douchebag, can I have a bailout to warm me from the gales seeping in me flat.

Anonymous said...

I am embarrassed to say, this one I agree with.

Anonymous said...

"I understand exactly what the Council said. We issue the checks. And this is not something that's going to be decided by litigation," he said, referring to a suit filed by several Council members to force him to send the rebates.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Manhattan) said the Council would do "everything in our power to get those checks out into the mailboxes and into people's pockets as quickly as possible."

The auction is underway. Commissar Death and Taxes described the object of the bidding. Quinn opened with the first bid. Watch this miserable bunch of morons strut their determination to defend the taxpayer as well as their legislative prerogatives, Then watch their resolve dissolve. Then watch and hear their intelligent explanations as to why the Commissar is sooo very special, and that his delicate fragile condition requires that we, the people excuse all his lawbreaking.

Very quickly, they will have rented themselves out.

We're supposed to be impressed. But, this show's a winter repeat. We all know the script by now.

Anonymous said...

"this one I agree with."

Do you believe that the Mayor can unilaterally rescind property tax rebates that require the disapproval of the City Council to do so?

It disgusts me to watch this POS accumulate power doin things he either has no power to do, or should not do, solely bc the popularati kinda agree with what he is doin.

Anonymous said...

Mr nice guy - watch out I might throw you out in the cold!

Are we the good citizens going to allow a 3rd term for this King? I thought we were the Kings and Queens?

Anonymous said...

And Why not?

Der Fuhrer has managed to trash democratic process on everything else in NYC!

As Winston Churchill might have said, "Damn little Narzi SOB"!

Once that diminutive brat bastard got his foot in the door, he's managed to shove his dick up our asses (sans Vaseline)!

I don't care if I get my measly $400 rebate. It's just a token.

Try freezing my property taxes
commensurate with the decline in my home's value (a direct result of the financial meltdown) and I'd be more impressed.

When I get my tax refund, I'm considering hiring someone to throw a custard (maybe a chicken shit) pie in Bloomberg's smug little turtle face!

(Just kidding on that last one,
for I don't want Bloomberg's Gestapo at my door).

P.S. your "honor"....
my thermostat at home is already set at 62 degrees and I wear a sweater...F--K YOU!

Make sure that this little prick doesn't get his coveted 3rd term in office!

(after all the lawsuits challenging the legality of his political coupe
are settled)!

Anonymous said...

What an idiot!!!!!

Oh, man, I hate him so much. Where would we be without his leadership? Hahahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

an idea has just struck me.

My mortgage is paid off.

Now if I can get a home equity loan then use it to lend out money
(in other words become a bank)
then I can ask for a bailout when I wind up in the red just like all of the other lending institutions!

Anonymous said...

Just from the desk of
Marie Bloomberg Antoinette:

"Let them eat crap"!

Anonymous said...

Screw the council. Bloomberg is a total asshole but he is 100% right on this one.

Anonymous said...

There are no kings in Queens only spineless supplicants who drop to their knees whenever an incumbent clubhouse pol
is up for re-election...

i.e. like the Stavisky crew!

Wake up and cease being "tweeded"!

Anonymous said...

The city council deserves to get royally butt f----d by "hizzoner".

They're the ones who voted to give Doomsberg (and themselves)
a try for a 3rd term!

Too bad us taxpayers are also getting screwed in the process!

Anonymous said...

True dat!

What goes around certainly does come around.

Quinn & Co. screwed us and now Mayor Mike is screwing them!

Let's all pause and take a little ironic consolation from that...
at least!

It is a little funny after all...isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Do you think the pink slips will come in 11 different languages? Maybe we could all walk to work like during the transit strike. Do we really need any utilities like during the blackout when Con Ed did such a great job. Maybe I could ask an architect for a design to develop the small yard attached to my one family house and build a 4 family for extra income. I know, maybe the tax on cigarette could be raised so high that most people buy them on line and the city actually loses revenue from a tax increase. Here's an idea, lets cross-reference those on the “Medicaid list" with those on the “food stamp list" and come up with 600,000 more people to put on the food stamp list. Lets add more meter maids and raise the fines so they jump out like ninjas and write you a ticket and ruin, not just your day, but your week. How about rename all the bridges after Kennedy’s at a cost of 5 million per bridge. I wish the 2012 Olympics were coming after we spent all that money trying to get them and a new stadium for the Jets. What about those overpriced, hybrid, constantly breaking down, costly to run & repair, good for the environment buses. I know increase the water and sewer rates along with property taxes and income taxes. If the kids can't pass the graduation standards then just dumb those standards down so more kids graduate. Let’s give money and tax breaks to our new sports stadiums so they can make billions and owe us back taxes. And let's invite more illegal immigrants to our fine city and instruct all in government to work very hard at making them feel welcome after all they are the backbone of our economy. Let's spend 400 million on a no smoking ad campaign and another 50 million-ad campaign inviting gays to vacation here. Lets face it we have been living in doomsday since we elected him.

Anonymous said...

If this guy is a financial genious, why did he not see this coming?

Why did he ok massive development if we did not have the resources to sustain the people here already?

Anonymous said...

miles mullin said...
If this guy is a financial genious, why did he not see this coming?

Why did he ok massive development if we did not have the resources to sustain the people here already?

I think he did know, knowing and caring are different things. He just doesn't care because we the taxpayer just keep picking up the bills. Time to fight back!!! 2009 lets speak to him like we all did in the 2008 election. Make our voices heard.

Anonymous said...

think he did know, knowing and caring are different things. He just doesn't care because we the taxpayer just keep picking up the bills.

ok, so he is a prick.

what about the newspapers?

what about the urban think tanks?

what about the univerisities - pratt hunter that are just droooling over one prodevelopment study after another?

what about the preservation community?

this IS new york - right - full of smart people?

Anonymous said...

Now he is moving the Bronx Zoo Christmas Lights to the afternoon? In my life I have never heard anything so idiotic. That event offers some of the most distressed children in our city an oppurtunty to laugh along side some of the wealthiest. What a sad day this has become. Throw your tantrum Mr. Mayor in Bermuda!
Don’t hurt our kids on Christmas.

Anonymous said...

You voted for him. I think that term limits should be changed so we can all get a chance to give this cheapskate rich guy a resounding boot in the pants out of government.

Anonymous said...

Commissar Bloomberg knew about the impending financial meltdown beforehand but it wasn't going to affect him so f--k the middle class is his attitude!

He's using this "crisis" as an excuse to usurp any power the people might have left.

So it's break 'em then bust 'em!

For just a little 5'7" frame
he sure holds a lot of shit
in his kishkas!

Anonymous said...

and we still have money for willets point and we need to do it but i also need to lay off 10,000 people and cut services and raise taxs and keep any rebate i promised. welcome to bloombergism and don't cry in november vote his billionaireburg ass out

Anonymous said...

It's now known this week that the reason why Vallone, Jr., who was told just months earlier by Mayor Dickberg that Astoria was getting yet another power plant in order to feed all of the 'fab' condo's in LIC, and there was nothing he or anyone else could do about it, that the reason why he changed his mind at the last minute and actually kissed Dickberg's ass about extending term limits was that the Vallone family was awarded 1.8 MILLION for their 'services'. This was reported in the Village Voice by a team of investigative reporters close to City Hall pranks.

Now all of us native Astorian's that have alway's had our doubts about him are convinced the guy will not win another election at our expense again. His slimy, deceptive reputation will follow him for the rest of his 'career'.

Time to apply to Home Depot, Petey.