Sunday, November 23, 2008

A damn shame

A veteran FDNY lieutenant died this morning when a ceiling collapsed on him as he battled a surging fire in a Staten Island home, officials said.

Lt. Robert Ryan's mask and air supply were knocked off by the falling debris, which sent him hurtling to the floor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Carried out by his fellow firefighters, an unconscious Ryan, 46, was rushed to Richmond University Medical Center but could not be revived.

Ryan, a 17-year-veteran of the FDNY, led the first unit of firefighters into the burning two-story home at 39 Van Buren St. in New Brighton at 12:32 a.m., less than four minutes after being dispatched.

Veteran FDNY lieutenant Robert Ryan dies heroically in Staten Island fire

Though fire marshals are still investigating what ignited the small blaze, FDNY officials said it appeared to have been sparked by wiring in the attic. It does not appear suspicious, officials said.

The woman who lives in the building was sleeping when the fire ignited, but she ran out safely after she was alerted by a neighbor who smelled the smoke.


Anonymous said...

so sad. condolences.

Anonymous said...

Most of these old dumps are horror scenes when it comes to wiring, the owners seem to think that they are somehow immune from obeying the electrical code.

Seven years ago a restaurant worker friend told me that The Leach (landlord) was raising his rent from $700 to $1200/mo and he felt it was time to buy a house.

I lent him the down payment on a two-family in Sunnyside, near P.C. Richard. Whoever had "inspected" the house prior to closing didn't do a very detailed job, but the -worst- was wiring. Several outlets and ceiling light did not work. I have a background in broadcast engineering and stage lighting design and he asked me to have a look....

We found 18 gauge LAMPWIRE in the walls at several points.

Also several layers of drop ceiling and walls.

A piece of s..t that should have been knocked down and carted off before it kills someone and their family. I lent him another 10k just to cover a basic re-wiring.

I have encountered bad wiring in my apt in Bangkok, but I expect as much there and at least the entire buildings are solid concrete including interior walls.

Bottom line; many private homes here in the good ol' USA are fire traps thanks to their owners, this poor fireman's luck ran out. I hope his family is well provided for.